What are long term plans for F-droid?

I would like something like a decentralized, self-hosted F-droid / personal monorepo.

I would have a monorepo with all of my app pkgs. When one of them is notified of an update, I get a notification with the diff from Github - sort of like approving a pull request. If approved, there is a build job that builds the cute little appsy and ships it to my device. Ideally it could be modified to work with PWAs too.

How hard would it be to set up something like this, with the data fdroid already makes available? Does fdroid have its own rest API? Are there already plans to implement something like this? Cause if so I would be willing to help.

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I don’t know about all those notification and REST API features, but yes, you can create your own repo:


Other F-Droid repos (not sure if still up to date):

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