Archive repositories

This is a list of known archive repositories.
For working stable repositories, testing repositories and abandoned repositories there are separate topics.

Because this is a wiki topic, you can easily edit this list, as long as your forum account has at least a Basic status. Please keep it alphabetically ordered and take a look at the existing entries to see the data structure. If possible, please add fingerprints like this:


Archive repositories

F-Droid Archive (official)

F-Droid’s archive repository, serving old versions of apps built and signed by F-Droid.
Number of apps: ~2270

Guardian Project Archive (AWS mirror)
http://bdf2wcxujkg6qqff.onion/fdroid/archive (Tor Onion Service)

The Guardian Project contains privacy-related apps.

I2P F-Droid Archive

I2P’s archive repository, serving old versions of the I2P apps.

IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Archive

Archive for the previous F-Droid compatible repo.
Note by Izzy: Currently it’s always empty, so no need to use it.

LibRetro F-Droid Archive

This repository has the old builds of RetroArch.
Number of apps: 2 (RetroArch, RetroArch AArch64)

microG F-Droid archive

Official F-Droid archive for the open-source implementation of Google Play Services.
Repo info:


The lightweight YouTube experience for Android
Number of apps: 1

Unofficial Anime/Manga FDroid Repository (added/tested on 2020-06-25)

Archive of Manga Readers (other than Tachiyomi), Anime scrapers/viewers, Nekos (catgirl images) client, etc.
Repo info:

Unofficial Tachiyomi (tested on 2020-06-25)

Old versions of manga reader Tachiyomi, its added-features forks, and extensions.

Repo info:,