Abandoned repositories

This is a list of known repositories that are no longer working.
For working stable repositories, testing repositories and archive repositoriesthere are separate topics.

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Abandoned repositories

Alefvanoon’s Repo


This is just a collection of some open source apps.
Info: https://repo.alefvanoon.xyz/



Antox is an Android client for Tox. Created by Mark Winter maintained by subliun.



The official Tox Project repository for Tox-related Android packages. It contains the app Antox, the Android client for the Project Tox.



Info: WiFi AdBlocker Update



Collection of some non-FOSS apps.
Info: Intro - Cisti.org
Number of apps: 14

(The official) Copperhead app repository (tested on 2019-06-09; 404 Not Found)


Likely down because of this: https://www.reddit.com/r/CopperheadOS/comments/8qdnn3/goodbye/

Currently ships Noise (rebranded Signal build). According to upstream: “It’s only intended to be useful to CopperheadOS users. Nothing from there is guaranteed to work elsewhere and issues on other operating systems should not be reported.”
However, at the time of writing, Noise has been reported to work fine on other ROMs also.

Devaaa (tested on 2020-06-05)


Devaaa companion app for the Aaameet.in videoconferencing service, hosted in India.
Number of apps: 1

Ember’s F-Droid Repo (deprecated 2022-05-01)


Unofficial repo for uGet (an open-source download manager) and TwinHelix’s de-Googled fork of Signal (private chat featuring E2EE and video/voice calling).

Number of apps: 2 (uGet, Signal)

Superceded by the official tw-hx repo, see Stable Repositories

Eutopia (tested on 2019-06-09)


Independent builds of Signal. No longer maintained.
Info: https://fdroid.eutopia.cz/

Eutopia experimental


https://fdroid.eutopia.cz/ builds of WebSocket-based fork of Signal (TextSecure) renamed to LibreSignal. The fork was abandoned because Moxie Marlinspike was not OK with LibreSignal using OWS servers and “Signal” name. Since LibreSignal is abandoned, there is nothing to distribute in that repo now.



Decentralized Chat App, compatible with Riot/Matrix
Repo info: https://fluffychat.im/en/fdroid.html



A Qt/QML client for the Friendica social network

gsantner (public)


J2ghz’s FDroid Repo (tested on 2019-06-09)


Tachiyomi (dev) (app id eu.kanade.tachiyomi.debug) - Main app built from master branch.
Info: Repo still available, but it’s not going to be updated or maintained. Latest dev/debug builds at: https://tachiyomi.kanade.eu.

J2ghz’s FDroid Archive


Archive for J2ghz’s FDroid Repo.

Nit Language (tested on 2019-06-09; signing error)


Official repository of Nit programming language.
Info: http://nitlanguage.org/
Repo info: Nitlanguage.org

Öffi - Public Transport Buddy (tested on 2019-06-09; 404 Not Found; its app is now included in F-Droid’s native repo instead)


Ă–ffi, a closed-source, but well-known app for german public transportation systems.
Info: https://oeffi.schildbach.de/
App versions and compatibility: Ă–ffi - Download
Note: Requires “Force old index format” in the settings of recent F-Droid client app versions to be activated (as of 2017-11-12).



Onosendai is a multi-column social network app.

Pattle (tested on 2019-11-22; 404 Not Found; its app is now included in F-Droid’s native repo instead)


An easy to use app for Matrix, with design inspired by other popular instant messaging apps. Also available on the main F-Droid repository
Info: https://pattle.im

pfalcon’s F-Droid Staging (server not found)

Info: https://sourceforge.net/projects/fdroid-staging/

Platschi On Droid / Trustroots


Travellers’ community. Sharing, hosting and getting people together.
Info: https://www.trustroots.org
Repo info: https://platschi.net/f-droid-repository-for-trustroots.html, Trustroots App on F-Droid | Trustroots Team Guide

Rakshazi F-Droid


FOSS apps, not included in main F-Droid repo.
Info: https://gitlab.com/rakshazi/fdroid
Number of apps: 4 (ActivityWatch, Bitwarden, Firefox Preview, SkyTube Extra)

spotcommander / mdapp (404 Not Found)


Remote control for Spotify: http://olejon.github.io/spotcommander/
LegeAppen is for physicians and other health personnel in Norway: https://olejon.github.io/mdapp/

Storymaker (tested on 2019-06-09; «Access Denied» error)


StoryMaker enables aspiring journalists all over the world to safely produce and publish professional-grade news with their phone.
Info: | StoryMaker.org

UnifiedPush (deleted by authors)


This is a repository of apps for unifiedpush to be used with F-Droid.
Info: https://unifiedpush.org
Repo info: https://repo.unifiedpush.org
Number of apps: 5 (Gotify, Gotify-UP, NoProvider2Push, UP-FCM Distributor, UP - Example

woju (server not found)


Info: http://android.woju.eu/


Thanks for the info man, have been noticing many down lately…

I have noticed few more going down. Will update once a bit free.

Maintainer of repo “gsantner” told me by e-mail that it is no longer active.