Discussions about individual apps go in here. Remember that requests for inclusions take place on GitLab.


In this category your are able to create topics that automatically act as "wikis", meaning everyone can edit them.

Other languages

Discussions related to F-Droid in other languages. Open a topic here if you want to create a local community.

Package Thread

This is a new, experimental category for official “package pages” for each app/package on These package pages can then be directly linked to the Android client and the website package pages. There should only ever be a single thread per-package, and that thread should be named using only the app/package’s “Package Name” also known as “Application ID”.


This category allows to post topics by mail from unknown mail accounts. If you don’t want to register yourself in the forum but want to ask a question or give some information, you can send a mail to and it will show up here.