Testing repositories

This is a list of testing repositories.
For stable repositories, archive repositories and abandoned repositories there are separate topics.

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Testing repositories

c:geo nightly


Info: c:geo – Development

Conversations nightly


Element dev (Fdroid) repo by Krombel


This repo contains the development builds of Element Android. It contains only the fdroid flavor.
Repo info: https://fdroid.krombel.de
Number of apps: 2 (Element dbg, Riot X debug)

F-Droid nightly


Number of apps: 2 (F-Droid Debug, F-Droid Basic Debug)

FluffyChat Nightlies


Nightlies of main branch of https://gitlab.com/famedly/app

Goguma Nightly


This repository contains nightly builds of Goguma.

Grobox Testing Repo


A repository for testing beta versions of Grobox apps.
Repo info: Grobox F-Droid Repository
Number of apps: 2 (BlitzMail, Transportr)



Nightly builds from t+gitlab@grobox.de.
Number of apps: 3 (Cashier Nightly, Merchant PoS Nightly, Taler Wallet Nightly)

KDE Android Nightly builds


Repo info: Android/FDroid - KDE Community Wiki
Number of apps: 18

Lagrange Pre-release


Lagrange is a desktop GUI client for browsing Geminispace.
Info: Lagrange

Onionshare Android Nightly


Info: GitHub - onionshare/onionshare-android: Android version of OnionShare (under development)

RedReader alpha


A reddit client. Stable releases are also available on the main F-Droid repository.

Riot dev repo by Krombel


This unofficial repo contains development builds of Riot android. It contains only the fdroid flavor.
Repo info: https://fdroid.krombel.de

RiotX dev repo by Krombel


This unofficial repo contains development builds of RiotX android. It contains only the fdroid flavor.
Info: Introducing the RiotX Beta for Android 🎉 | by Riot.im | Medium
Repo info: https://fdroid.krombel.de


Contains nightly builds of OpenTracks, OSMDashboard, F-Droid Build Status and Railway Station Photos apps.

SpiritCroc’s test builds


This repository contains beta releases for SpiritCroc’s apps.
Repo info: F-Droid testing repository | SpiritCroc.de
Number of apps: 2 (SchildiChat.Beta[f], SchildiChat.Beta[g])

The Calyx Institute F-Droid repo (testing)


This is a copy of the Calyx Institute F-Droid repository for test purposes. It is a repository of apps to be used with CalyxOS.
Number of apps: 5 (CalyxOS Chromium, Google Camera/Maps, microG Services Core, Signal)

totalcmd beta releases


Android beta version of Total Commander, a Shareware file manager.
Info: https://www.ghisler.com/


Is gnu-taler/fdroid-repo-nightly working for others? I’m having no luck with it.

It works for me. Just open the link in F-Droid client.

It “adds” to f-droid OK, but always gives “failed to download index…” when trying to update. The problem is likely gitlab refusing connection over Tor/orbot.

Then you can use a proxy behind Tor.

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