F-Droid and old Android versions

F-Droid is a nice app store that provides free and lean software. The idea of using old phones with modern software from F-Droid is quite obvious. There are several problems with e.g. F-Droid and Android 4.x but there are also several hints in this forum. Please help to collect them. This is a wiki thread, that means, most users can edit this post.

Helpful android apps

Using the PC to get F-Droid apps

About android, F-Droid and other versions

The certificates (and ssl versions) can be too old


  • The F-Droid archive repository is included, but not activated, in F-Droid and F-Droid classic. (it crashes my Galaxy J1, maybe because of low ram (512MB). If your phone has no problems, you may get the old apk versions which can be used by old Android versions)
  • https://forum.f-droid.org/t/known-repositories/721
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There is also the RepoMaker

How can you use repomaker to help you with old android versions?

I never used RepoMaker but I think it’s a web interface, used to manage several packages and sync with the connected devices.

This all got easier now: with Repomaker, you are able to create your own repo and do not need to have any special knowledge to do so. https://f-droid.org/en/repomaker/

The project was abandoned and someone came to update it (Django issue) but I don’t see activities since 11 months.

EDIT: Repomaker needs a maintainer, please adopt me! Repomaker currently runs on Django 1.11, which went out of security support in July 2020. Please see #234 for more information.