No trusted server certificate error (Android 2.1)

I saw the main (and already closed) topic about the subject and I just want to make it clear whether it is possible (at least theoretically) to make F-droid client working on a very very old Android?

As long as the app can run on the device to begin with (if it’s built against an API supported by android 2.1 so it can be installed and run), then I think so, yes.

By bundling conscrypt (as I’ve demonstrated here) the protocols/ciphers should be no problem. And I’m going to add more info and code for including modern certificates with apps to that example. That should solve the remaining certificate errors. In the long run it’d be ideal if both conscrypt and the certificates can be shared between all apps, but bundling it with a specific app (like the f-droid client) should be possible right away (similar to what I’m doing with Antennapod here).

And yes, sadly that topic died down and got closed. I will try to open a new topic about this with some new details and ideas.

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