Can Thunkable apps be uploaded here


Just wondering if Thunkable apps can be loaded onto F-Droid for 3rd parties to download.

My apps are all educational, free and simple.

But Apple and Google App stores are just too difficult. So I am looking for somewhere else to put my apps.

I don’t think Thunkable is open source though.

But Thunkable is the only coder I can use.

Thanks for any and every comment

Hi @PJBM !

As F-Droid builds all apps from source (with open source toolchains), there is no way to simply “upload” APKs into the official F-Droid repository.

And as Thunkable doesn’t seem open source, we won’t add a build for your apps.

However, you could run your own repository with fdroidserver. But that’s also no easy task :wink:


If you created a repository feel free to add it to:


Wow, thanks for the answer.

I’m not a real programmer, I do wonder if I’d be able to make my own repository. But I’ll ask a friend and see what happens.

Thanks again.