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Since Conversations 2.3.2 got build, here’s the new what's new:

  • Preview and ask for confirmation before sending media files
  • View per conversation media files in contact and conference details screens
  • Enable foreground service by default for Android 8 (notification can be disabled by long pressing it)
  • Audio player: disable screen and switch to ear piece
  • Support TLSv1.3 (ejabberd ≤ 18.06 is incompatible with openssl 1.1.1 - Update ejabberd or downgrade openssl if you get Stream opening error)
  • Use Consistent Color Generation (XEP-0392)
  • Video Quality selector, 360p (default) and 720p
  • Use SNI on STARTTLS to fix gtalk
  • Fix Quiet Hours on Android 8+
  • Various fixes



new app: xscreensaver, when i gets build:


Ah, btw., what about mentioning the tagesschau fdroid repo in TWIF?


TWIF already mentions all new apps. Anything you’d like me to write about besides the summary from the index?


ah, right… I guess the app summary/description suffices.

I find it significant because it’s packaged in about every linux/bsd/whatever distribution out there. And now on Android and finally f-droid :slight_smile:

(but build is failing :frowning: )


We released NewPipe v0.14.2 this week.
The new version brings more UX and UI improvements, Android 9 compatibility and a bunch of bug fixes. Below, you can find the most notable changes. As always, you can find more information on this release in our blog post and the GitHub release page.

  • Tablets and large devices display video lists and other pages in grids.

  • A list layout was added to the downloads

  • The subscriptions page received an upgrade: You can share and delete a subscribed channel from within a longpress menu now. It is possible to remove deleted channels from this menu.

  • Our awesome translators added Gallician to NewPipe. Hence, the app is now available in nearly 55 languages. In case you miss a translation or like to improve it, we are happy to see your contribution on Weblate.

  • We also improved the localization of YouTube content. When your content country and current location differ, you will not see two languages in the app.

Smaller, but notable changes:

  • The video player stores the aspect ratio. This is a significant improvements for people who use 2:1 and similar devices, because they usually do not use the standard ratio.

  • You can now enable and disable volume and brightness gesture controls separately. This is a nice enhancement for small devices.

I am not sure if you want to note all the small improvements and bug fixes, but you can find a full list here.


Two calls:

Call for mirror testers! We now have everything needed to support mirrors in place and running. Now we just need users to use them! This is still beta, so please report any problems you have to either the forum or the admin issue tracker. To add a mirror, click on the mirror URL from your Android device, and send it to F-Droid. F-Droid will then prompt you to add it as a mirror to F-Droid.

@uniqx has put together an auditing proxy that forces all downloads to match a trusted white list during the build process. In order for this to reliably work, it needs to be able to act on HTTPS downloads as well. We are looking for help from people with experience with MITMproxy or simiar things so that we can put together a solid, trustworthy configuration.


French company Commown (website in French only, sorry) is renting Fairphone 2 devices to their customers and they recently announced you can now choose between Fairphone OS (Android with Google apps) and Fairphone Open OS (AOSP without any proprietary app).

The interesting thing for us is that they preinstall several apps on the open version (F-Droid, Fennec, Silence, Amaze, etc.) so the user experience for beginners is better than only having the outdated AOSP system apps.
And all these apps are installed from F-Droid so they will continue to be updated by the F-Droid client.


This is probably worth mentioning:


See the response:


@Coffee Yop Coffee, I released Bible Multi “The Light” v3.5:

• Portuguese version
• Portuguese Bible: Almeida Corrigida Fiel

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


if next twif is not out yet: please postpone twif-inclusion until is solved

for the app update news: allows to send
files (i.e. jpg-photos or mp3-music) or text (i.e. urls) to one predefined zip file by
adding “Add To Zip” to android’s share/send menu.

Version 2.0.17 adds send/view/edit/delete of zip file to Settings-Menu and
adds optional support for automatic zip-subfolder discovery.


OpenTopoMap Viewer has been updated. It removes a big bug that causes the crash of the app when opening a gpx file. You can now display your tracks easily in the map since it has been corrected !

Issue here. I don’t know if it’s worth the price to mention this update, but the author has corrected the bug very quickly and tagged a new release ASAP, it was very impressive, I love developers like that ! :wink:

* **[Conversations](** & **[Quicksy](** Just a point release since TWIF 34, but 2.3.10+fcr has some nice improvements:
  * Synchronize group chat join/leaves across multiple clients
  * Fixed sending PGP encrypted messages from quick reply
  * Try to guess initial location in ShareLocation based on SIM card 
  * Show a warning snackbar before joining anon-non-private room (maybe you don't want your JID to be public)
  * Show accept button to confirm SASL downgrade (eg. server reconfigured)

  But the big news is that thanks to the work of [Alex Palaistras]( the minimum required Android version was lowered to Android 4.1, so users who don't have Android 4.4 (or newer) and users of Jolla/Blackberry devices that have limited Android compatibility, which were stuck on Conversations 1.23.8 or that switched to [Conversations Legacy](, can now get up to date with the latest Conversations (and Quicksy) versions. That being said, be sure to read the whole [changelog]( between 1.23.x and 2.3.10 so you don't get surprised of the new stuff (removed swipe, removed OTR, so on and so forth).


As you can see here, we moved AddressToGPS to the archive. The explanation of why it doesn’t work anymore can be found here. It’s good example of why we shouldn’t use Google services and also an example of how they can break everything very easily… You could maybe put two lines in the next TWIF to explain this :slight_smile:


Please find attached three diagrams of a recently (today) added app.

I send these diagrams to address what I perceive as a current shortcoming: Apps are not easy to find in F-Droid. And the (meanwhile not so new) “New UI / UX of F-Droid app” did just make it much worse for me.

The diagrams allow to find apps with similar descriptions and relatively quickly check some characterisics.
The diagrams potentially help both users and developers: e.g. allow to find previous work to use or build on (avoid duplicate work/find collaborators), find app alternatives, check apps based on android permissions or antifeatures.

The script that generated the diagrams is available at gitlab (see thread [app_match.R - find similar apps on f-droid by similarity of their descriptions]).

The first diagram shows the most important (*) matching terms:

(*) of course these are secret;^)

The second diagram shows a little more description:

The third diagram shows antifeatures/permissions:

I hope these type of diagrams provide value to TWIF readers (or the website:)


We need someone to write this weeks TWIF. Any takers?


When should this be submitted? Thursday?


Etar update, please announce that we dropped the widget. People can use Calendar Widget for now: Help to fix the widget is welcome. Release announcement: