TWIF submission thread




Since Conversations 2.3.2 got build, here’s the new what's new:

  • Preview and ask for confirmation before sending media files
  • View per conversation media files in contact and conference details screens
  • Enable foreground service by default for Android 8 (notification can be disabled by long pressing it)
  • Audio player: disable screen and switch to ear piece
  • Support TLSv1.3 (ejabberd ≤ 18.06 is incompatible with openssl 1.1.1 - Update ejabberd or downgrade openssl if you get Stream opening error)
  • Use Consistent Color Generation (XEP-0392)
  • Video Quality selector, 360p (default) and 720p
  • Use SNI on STARTTLS to fix gtalk
  • Fix Quiet Hours on Android 8+
  • Various fixes



new app: xscreensaver, when i gets build:


Ah, btw., what about mentioning the tagesschau fdroid repo in TWIF?


TWIF already mentions all new apps. Anything you’d like me to write about besides the summary from the index?


ah, right… I guess the app summary/description suffices.

I find it significant because it’s packaged in about every linux/bsd/whatever distribution out there. And now on Android and finally f-droid :slight_smile:

(but build is failing :frowning: )