F-Droid on TWiT All About Android

I just found that the TWiT All About Android reviewed F-Droid with the new UI. (and they like the new UI :wink:)


@Coffee TWIF material ^^^

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Now if only I had a link…

Full show here: https://twit.tv/shows/all-about-android/episodes/344 starts at 01:27:02

great shot ! should be pinned to Mastodon (/media ?) ?

About F-Droid Job Board for fdroid/app_client maintainer, don’t you believe the app should move to kotlin ?

Since the client is not “cross-dependent” from global F-Droid process, I thought that proposing such activity (kotlin), to computer science students (project end cycle), could be both profitable for F-Droid & student involved. To help such proposal, a list of official university teachers “quoting” F-Droid could be link somewhere (mastodon ?):

Richard Stallman https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/android-and-users-freedom.html
“If you value freedom, you don’t want the nonfree apps that Google Play offers. To install free Android apps, you don’t need Google Play, because you can get them from f-droid.org.”

Stallman/Zimmermann https://mediakit.laquadrature.net/view.php?full=1&id=1396
RMS: Android is not a jail.
JZ: I would slightly disagree if I may.
RMS: No… Android, I’m told, allows people to install programs of their own choice.
JZ: No. Not by default on most instances where you cannot even be root of your device without “rooting” it, which mean making a bit of a complex technical operation.
RMS: Yeah, but you can do it.
JZ: Yes, but my mum wouldn’t do it because she wouldn’t know how to and she would be too afraid of breaking it and it’s not all mobile computers that allow you to do that.
RMS: Sorry. I spoke with an expert, namely a developer of Replicant – Replicant is the free version of Android – who says that in general app, Android is not a jail, you can install free applications from places like F-Droid.

Moving the official client to kotlin would be a huge amount of work
without providing many benefits, especially to end users. If someone
wants an fdroid client app in Kotlin, they should start it themselves.
We welcome forks.


I remember seeing this at the time it was published!

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