TWIF submission thread



@izzy’s php-fdroid library is now an official part of the F-Droid software offering: Contributions welcome for adding support for index-v1.json and signature verification of index-v1.jar. We already have Java, Python, and Ruby code for doing this, so it should be easy to do.


If possible, without breaking existing stuff :rofl:

I’ve already started some preparations (not yet checked-in as not ready even for that). So please give me a hint whoever plans to help out, so we can coordinate. Thanks!


I try to have it ready so people can read it in the weekend, but the track record on that is pretty bad, for various reasons :confused:

Thursday is “freeze day” when I take a snapshot of the index, compare it to the previous snapshot, and start writing the descriptions. Of course, it should then be submitted ASAP, because the index could update again and make the descriptions outdated.

So, to answer your question: Thursday is great, Friday is good, and Saturday is probably still okay.


As I wrote on mastodon, blogged about the app Blokada and mentioned FDroid in the article.
Here is a link to the blog post: (the article is in German).


@Licaon_Kter so does this mean we can count on you to do this week’s #twif? Or were you asking for a different reason?


Well, if there’s no one else… :smiley:


I won’t have time for it until maybe Monday. :frowning:


While reading changelogs for 80 apps for twif38, a certain “retired, a morris musician and an itinerant developer” was really popping up all the time:

As a thought, for a future TWIF or maybe a stand alone post, how would an (mini)interview of sorts sound like? The dev has, as you can see, 10 apps in this store (and not on others!?), and he keeps them updated, has enough issues and PRs, etc.


@BillF (I suppose) what do you think? I think it’d be great, especially if you’ve something to say. :wink::bowing_man:


Whoooaaaaa didn’t think to search :smile: :blush:


I don’t mind doing an interview, it depends on the questions. I am a crusty old git who cut his teeth on PDP11s, Whitesmiths C, paper tape and 8" floppy disks back in the dark ages. :smirk:


HI there, I found it interesting that you have all these apps here, wanted to know if there’s some sort of story behind how they ended up on F-Droid, why not on Google Play? etc

If there’s nothing to say, it’s okay too. :slight_smile:


It’s a point of principle, really. I am a believer in free software, back in 90’s I used Samba instead of PCNFS for a major IT project. At that time the Samba web site said ‘Don’t send us money, send us pizza’, IT directors thought open source software was sorcery and IT consultants had kittens.

Also Google want money to put apps on the play store and try to force developers to use the support libraries by mandating minimum API levels, etc. I also have some Mac OSX apps, but no iThing apps for the same reason.


@Licaon_Kter +∞ on publishing an interview w/ @BillF. He sounds absolutely fascinating!

@BillF All hail! :bowing_man:


Talking about interviews, you could probably also do something with the developers of all the SECUSO apps.

Link to their website

Wenn sie nicht auf Englisch antworten, kann ich für Deutsch helfen, obwohl ich denke, dass die deutschen Sprecher hier besser aufgestellt sind :wink:


Great idea! I think an interview with Bill would make for a very interesting standalone post.


You’ll do TWIF39?

@hans The whole week has passed and TWIF38 still isn’t published? :frowning:
Last update: (F-Droid 2019-01-08, fdroid-website 1.70)


Website deploy seems completely broken atm. :frowning:


We released NewPipe 0.15.0 today.

NewPipe 0.15.0 brings extensive improvements to the download process. Video downloads with a resolution of 720p and higher contain an audio stream again :partying_face: The new version comes along with not only subtitle downloads, but also a fresh layout for the downloads area.
Most importantly, this version fixes two crashes and makes NewPipe compatible with the latest YouTube changes. Users must upgrade because prior versions do not work properly anymore. After a long discussion, NewPipe dropped support for Andoid 4.3.

For more information, take a look at the official blog post and the GitHub release page or feel free to ask.


Thanks for all the hard work!