TWIF submission thread



This makes the news page look a lot better though. It also helps people quickly decide if there’s anything interesting for them to read in there before scrolling down, especially on a mobile device. :slight_smile:

I’ll have PRs ready soon which will improve things even further by respecting the cutmarks.

Maybe there’s nothing of value to you in that section, and that’s okay. It can be valuable to others though. For example, it gets the word out that we’re thinking in that direction, and people who are specialized or interested in this can contact us and get involved at an early stage.

That’s a good point. I’ll have a think about how to rework that into something more unified and compact.


Yes, it is a separate repo. But I thought it still might be worth mentioning as part of the “greater F-droid community”. I use microG and love it (mainly for free, privacy respecting, network location services) but it also lets me use my bank’s (nonfree) app from GPlay without Google Services installed on my device.


Since it’s for root only devices, makes it even more niche than F-Droid users are already :slight_smile:


I know it is very niche. However, their custom build of LineageOS comes with F-Droid and the privileged extension by default. I feel they have something quite useful to offer the F-droid community. microG is the only free software, privacy respecting implementation of network based location services that I know of and they actively promote F-Droid by preinstalling for their users.

Also, root isn’t necessary if microG is installed as a system app. In fact root isn’t available on the default builds so that people have the choice of installing the su binary or not.


I guess we could do that, but I’m going to need help with this. I know virtually nothing about microG.

Maybe we should do this only for really big updates. After all, we’re already ignoring lots of updates in F-Droid main because it’s just too much to handle.


That’s fine. If they update during a week when I’m writing it I’ll mention it. If I ever ask anyone to mention it again, I’ll write up that part.


MicroG (UnifiedNlp) is the exception to the rule : it replaces embedded GooglePlayServices and needs to spoof exact version_code serie used by Google

- (sorry for this link…)


So latest marvin’s decision is 12.8.79 (personally I would enjoy anticipated 13.9.99 but that could break stability or interacted apps ?)

EDIT -following the built app is already somewhere. Also when referring to custom roms, Omnirom is conveniently appointed as 'home of the brave" for MicroG.


The new MicroG version should be built in FDroid and then be mentioned. Then everybody happy :slight_smile:


I’ve submitted Emerald Dialer to F-Droid recently. It is a lightweight dialer which has T9 search and two themes. This application was made because Dialer2 is a bit outdated.


We have updated NewPipe twice this week:
Version 0.14.0 features a more customizable main page and different UI and UX tweaks including a reworked navigation drawer, drag and drop to close the popup / pip mode and much more. For more information you can find our blog post about 0.14.0 here. A shorter summary is available on NewPipe’s release page.
Version 0.14.1 brings two hotfixes: One was required after some updates on YouTube’s player which caused a crash. The other one fixed long links in video descriptions.

Both updates are not available on F-Droid yet, but I think they will be once another index update is triggered.


I am very pleased to announce release 22 of Kwik EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) and DMAP (Digital Mapping). The product suite now has support for the Stratux devices.

This allows for a very inexpensive solution to simple flight instrumentation for use in experimental aircraft.
Short article on the Stratux/Kwik integration

Some videos:


I’m not entirely sure this is relevant here but Tor Browser is now going to officially support Android. At the moment it is available on GPlay and as an apk from the website.

However, this bug report at the tor project discusses the possibility of bringing it to F-Droid.


Yes and no, it was in the optional, included but not enabled by default GuardianProject repo.

Now, it’s nowhere…F-Droid related…

It warrants a mention, since Orfox will be “sunsetted”…


If it makes it to the repo in time rocketchat should be mentioned.

It’s without push notifications right now, so you’ll have to enter the app to see if there’s anything new. The devs seem to be interested in exploring non FCM push though, I just sent them the Tutanota article. :slight_smile:

Otherwise you can probably link to twif 16 where we wrote about the process of getting this to f-droid already.


TWIF (and also TWIM :smiley: ):

We now have a second matrix client in F-Droid: (live hopefully soon, it’s already installable from the client).

This is a fork of Riot Android removing mostly jitsi group call functionality and some other smaller stuff. In doing so it manages to require far less permissions and is also only 12 MB in size instead of riots 20 MB.

Main forking work done by hrjet, F-Droid release done by me.


Okay, last TWIF from me: We now have OSMAnd 3.2 beta in the repo which is supposed to fix Android 8 rendering performance issues:


Guardian Project repo has the new Tor Browser now, it’s the same file as the Tor Project site offers.

Also (self promoting :P) this option might be useful to someone, feedback welcomed:


@hans Can we get what’s the gist of the TorBrowser inclusion in repo? Will that be the default repo since it’s already in F-Droid? Any info from the GuardianProject would be nice…


Regarding Conversations 2.3.1, what’s new:

  • Preview and ask for confirmation before sending media files
  • View per conversation media files in contact and conference details screens
  • Enable foreground service by default for Android 8 (notification can be disabled by long pressing it)
  • Audio player: disable screen and switch to ear piece
  • Support TLSv1.3 (ejabberd ≤ 18.06 is incompatible with openssl 1.1.1 - Update ejabberd or downgrade openssl if you get Stream opening error)
  • Use Consistent Color Generation (XEP-0392)
  • Stronger compression for video files (version 2.3.2 will have a Video Quality selector)
  • Use SNI on STARTTLS to fix gtalk
  • Fix Quite Hours on Android 8+


Right now, the limiting factor is someone doing the work, so any help
would be appreciated.

I added Tor Browser for Android (Alpha) to the Guardian Project repo, so
its available now from that repo.

As for getting it built in fdroiddata, anyone could start the process
now. Just set “ArchivePolicy: 0 versions” so that the fdroid-signed
APKs are not in the main repo. It would be great if anyone with
experience building Fennec would try building Tor Browser.

They want to add Tor Browser to via the reproducible
process, but first they have to get it building reproducibly themselves.