TWIF submission thread

If you’d like for something to appear on TWIF, please suggest it here.

The general submission deadline is Thursday 12:00 UTC. If the deadline is missed, it’ll either be in next week’s TWIF, or possibly not at all if the information is already outdated by then.

The list of updated apps is continually updated at, but please don’t let that hold you back from submitting updates. If the app update doesn’t make it into the main repo this week, we’ll save it for next time.

If I :heart: your submission, I’ve seen it and added it to my notes. There’s no guarantee it’ll make the final cut, though.


Missed this week, maybe next:


In app news:

Conversations was updated to version 2.2.0 featuring integrated message search, voice recorder and location sharing. Users of the plugins, Voice Recorder Plugin from F-Droid repo and Open Share Location Plugin from F-Droid Archive repo, can safely uninstall them after updating.



(copy of my PM to Coffee)

I read your TWIF of May 4.
Some additional info about my app.
´The Light´ is now in version 3.2 and in 3.0, 3.1: I updaded to support Android TV, Set-top boxes, keyboard and D-Pad. The app has 2 layouts: Smarphone, tablet AND Television. So the application is completely working with keyboard, D-Pad, mouse or touchscreen.

Actually I’m changing F-Droid to support Android TV. Same adaptations than above :blush:

Maybe you could talk about this in next TWIF, it’s an important step.



For the next twif I’d like to highlight that Vespucci should be auto-updating in the furture from now on. :slight_smile:

Delta chat apparently got a major update:

Tusky of course :slight_smile:

OctoDroid fixed some annoying crash bugs

All of the simple mobile tools (Camera, Contacts, Draw, Calendar, etc.) got a new version it seems though I didn’t check what changed for each app.


NetGuard (the no-root local VPN based firewall) is up to date in F-Droid again as the developer removed the ads and their closed source support libraries (in the wake of GDPR). If you`ve used the GitHub release (so you can benefit from the hosts blocking feature) you can export your settings, uninstall that version, reinstall from F-Droid, import back the settings and reload your hosts file.



  • OsmAnd 3.0 beta, can be installed manually by expanding the versions list. Final versions will likely be called 3.0.1 or so. Thanks to @hague maintaining it!

  • Got new contributors in gitlab, @Rudloff as with developer access for data. @Poussinou with reporter (moderator) access to rfp. @Izzy with project wide reporter access. This will hopefully further speed up the rfp/data issue triaging and processing. :slight_smile:

  • @Rudloff is now part of the liberapay F-Droid team

  • Mupdf Viewer got updated, I think fixing one(multiple?) security bug(s)? @relan can you confirm?

  • yalp store got fixed which we got lots and lots of reports about.

  • OpenVPN got updated to a new major version after quite a while of being in beta/prerelease upstream

  • Keepassdroid being currently broken due to People should downgrade to or use Keepass DX as an alternative.

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Mupdf Viewer got updated, I think fixing one(multiple?) security bug(s)?

Yep. CVE-2018-1000036, CVE-2018-1000037, CVE-2018-1000038, CVE-2018-1000039, and CVE-2018-1000040. See


Thanks. Couldn’t find it at first. Weird that they didn’t put it in the changelog which the repo points at. (;a=blob_plain;f=CHANGES;hb=HEAD)

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… or installed via IzzyOnDroid’s repo (which serves the Github release).

I’m still arguing with myself whether I should keep Netguard in my repo, now that the main reason (its not being up-to-date in the official repo) is gone.

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How do you decide that an application is in your repo or not?
Do you change the code?
Do you add ads?

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Besides, like with our RFP tracker, people can suggest apps I should add. In the “closed issues” you can see which "app-request"s were “accepted” and which “declined” (labels) to get a feeling of how the first link might look in everyday life.

No, I just pick the APKs created by the devs.

NOOO!!! Never ever I’d do such a thing. I hate trackers! Remember I’m a “privacy advocate”. Doing such an evil thing would destroy my reputation :scream:


@Izzy You can add my app: The Light :wink:

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LOL As the title of that forum says: “Remember that requests for inclusions take place on GitLab.” Same for my repo – I’ve just mentioned the URL. Second: Looks like I can’t add it to my repo – I do not see any .apk file. Third the same: as the first link in my previous comment points out, I pick the APKs from Github. My updater cannot deal with GitLab, so I’d need a “fixed URL” here (i.e. one that ships the always latest APK and features a LastModified header).

But we get off-topic here. This is the “TWIF submission thread” – not the “app submission thread” :wink:

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No need to duplicate it there I guess, less strain on your server. :wink:

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Right you are, removed it. With the bot run Hans just started my repo will be half-emptied as soon as @Rudloff has caught up :rofl:

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Unfortunately, I think I took care of most of the easy RFPs. The remaining apps are either blocked by upstream (no tagged release or proprietary dependencies) or hard to build (C or React Native apps). So I’m afraid I won’t be as effective in the following weeks :joy:


That’s bad news, @Rudloff – I was hoping to get rid of Bitwarden from my repo (grow too big for me), as it just checked out OK by the bot. Did you have a chance to peek into the “very clean ones” of todays big bot rally?

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I had ~50 notifications from the bot today so I haven’t read them all.

So feel free to ping me like you did when you find an app that seems ready to be packaged.

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Only 50? I got the double of that meanwhile :slight_smile: Want a list of those looking fine? Where should I place it (we are slightly off-topic here)? Guess a PM should fit…

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