TWIF submission thread



Hi @k3b,

I don’t guarantee that every updated app will always have a small description, which may be too repetitive, but I will try to do this a lot more often.

Thanks for the feedback!


hi @Coffee

I just read the last TWIF and saw that many “updated apps” now have enough info what the app is about.

you did an excellent job. thank you verry much.

sorry to cause you more work on that.


@k3b no problem at all! Thanks again for the feedback. :+1:


@Coffee might be worth mentioning:


@Coffee Telegram-FOSS v4.9 :slight_smile:

  • Multiple accounts support
  • Swipe left on any message to reply to it
  • Return of the suggested locations, osm for static previews
  • GDPR stuff, like server-side contacts removal
  • MTProto Proxy support
  • Emoji-Sticker suggestions
  • Multi-shot sending
  • Auto-Night mode
  • Streaming for videos
  • Telegram Passport


Would it be possible to mention the failed attempt at a FOSS Mattermost build in the next TWIF? (Because it now needs some support from the FOSS community.)


I think the DRM issue & discussion @ has reached enough significance for a TWIF topic, @ least as a mention. I dunno if it’d be considered off-topic. :man_shrugging:


@TPS That thread is pretty messy, and the general consensus seems to be that there is not a problem (yet). I don’t feel I understand the issue well enough to write something on it, but if someone has a recent writeup on the issue and the latest developments, I can link to that.


TWIF: voting for fennec icon is open: [Poll] Vote on new icon for Fennec

Should get an end date though, maybe a week after the twif announcement? @Nuntius what do you think?


Agreed. That would be the 25th of August? Is that okay?

Edit: I’ll close in manually then, don’t wanna fiddle with the automatic closure now.


+1 for Mattermost

-1 for DRM (for now)


@Coffee Any chance you cut down on the filler text? what is fdroid/how to submit to twif/etc


Just to let everybody know, I will be making next week’s TWIF as @Coffee is on vacation. Tell him thank you for the last 16 weeks of TWIF if you get the chance.

As this will be my first TWIF please don’t judge if it doesn’t live up to the high bar set by @Coffee. And be sure and submit any and all interesting things from the week.

Happy Hacking!