TWIF submission thread



Yesterday: 5 new posts :heart_eyes:
Today: 5 new posts :star_struck:

TFW none of them are submissions :sob:



@Coffee Yop Coffee,
I updated “The Light” (Version 3.3):
• Fix: menu
• Fix: Youtubers’ article
• Fix (TV): search Favorites
• +1 Youtuber

So you can now also include the support of Android TV, D-pad, Keyboard.
Thanks a lot :blush:


@Coffee I uploaded my slides here:

We can probably also add them to the f-droid website as an asset directly when you want to include them in the next twif.


@Bubu Yeah, it’d be great if we could mention that without causing your personal server to melt down. :wink:


That probably won’t happen but I’d like to not being responsible to keeping it under that very URL available forever :slight_smile:


Minetest was released:


@Bubu Serve it up w/ a RAW link in a docs repo under your GitLab account: no more personal server & @Coffee no meltdown :bow: