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Yesterday: 5 new posts :heart_eyes:
Today: 5 new posts :star_struck:

TFW none of them are submissions :sob:



@Coffee Yop Coffee,
I updated “The Light” (Version 3.3):
• Fix: menu
• Fix: Youtubers’ article
• Fix (TV): search Favorites
• +1 Youtuber

So you can now also include the support of Android TV, D-pad, Keyboard.
Thanks a lot :blush:


@Coffee I uploaded my slides here:

We can probably also add them to the f-droid website as an asset directly when you want to include them in the next twif.


@Bubu Yeah, it’d be great if we could mention that without causing your personal server to melt down. :wink:


That probably won’t happen but I’d like to not being responsible to keeping it under that very URL available forever :slight_smile:


Minetest was released:


@Bubu Serve it up w/ a RAW link in a docs repo under your GitLab account: no more personal server & @Coffee no meltdown :bow:


@TPS already taken care of. See week 24 edition.


I made the wikipedia app ~5mb smaller (from 21 mb) by excluding some unused native library architectures.


LaunchTime launcher/homescreen was updated to version 0.7.6 to fix some Oreo issues and beta-enable some Oreo features like Pinned Shortcuts.

And possibly applicable to TWIF, I’ve created a “My favorite apps on F-Droid” article: . It’s mostly something I use to evangelize F-Droid to non-FOSS people, because sometimes the sheer volume of apps available leads people to wonder where to start.


maybe for one of the next TWIFs:

  • about every 5th app will have a more detailed description soon. 80% completed, more than 50% already merged (I’m still working on the remaining 20% and hope to be through until Sunday)
  • soon it will be more obvious from within the client/website whether the source code of an app has “disappeared”: If NoSourceSince is set in Metadata, that is now propagated to a new NoSourceSince AntiFeature (and yes, lots of apps have been updated in this regard, or the description has been updated to state “no longer maintained”)

Reading between the lines: a lot of app descriptions have been updated. Sometimes their links as well (e.g. as their repo or website has moved).


Some volunteer(s) needed to review the remaing MRs (part 15 to 19), so this task can be completed :wink:


I looked upon them, didn’t know I’d have to say something since I did not see any issues. :+1:


It really helps to give a :+1: on the issue directly. Or maybe even leave a comment as people who can merge will get an email then.


Merged all but the last one now.


So what’s the last one missing? I cannot fix the “insecure gradle” (which has already been there) – and it might take quite a while until a fix from upstream will be made, if at all. But as that’s not new, it should have no effect on the MR as such.

Oh, and I see it already has a thumbs-up :wink:


Done now! Thanks @Licaon_Kter for reviewing.


And thanks @Bubu for processing the load! You’ve spent some time on all that :innocent:


Thanks for regulary providing the TWIF.

Is it possible for the the section “updated apps” to add a small info about every presented app?

I just read and several of the presented apps are new for me.

so instead of

  • Tusky 2.0 is out!

i would prefer

  • Tusky 2.0, the client for the social network “Mastodon” is out!

The part with “new apps looks perfect for me”