Bible Multi "The Light"

Hi guys,

I really want to push my app in F-Droid :slight_smile:

If I give you the url of my project on gitlab, will it be enough for you, to put my app in your repository ??

All seems really difficult for a first project.

Hey @hotlittlewhitedog,

you can either open an request for packaging which can take a long time or you try to open a merge request to fdroiddata like shown in this guide.

Please add this new application to F-Droid asap :slight_smile:

Url to the project

There is no Android permissions, so easy to compile.

License GPL3.

Firstly, the link to your project does not work and secondly, we have the rfp issue tracker on GitLab where request go to because the maintainers of F-Droid have a lot to do and therefore can’t track requests in the forum. If you want to have it as soon as possible, a merge request is the right way for you.

Ok, I can try the merge request tomorrow.
The link should work, it’s internal => so login gitlab.

The source code needs to be public, otherwise the build server can’t download the code.

Ok, I changed the url and the access :blush:


I would like to create the request for packaging ( but where do I have to create the ticket?

(really black box system)

You add the request by submitting a new “issue” at

In the request, provide:

  • the URL to the source repository,
  • the open license used,
  • the app name,
  • the f-droid category of the app (probably “Reading”),
  • a one-sentence summary,
  • a long description.

You can also optionally provide links to a website for the app and donation links (paypal, bitcoin, etc).

By the way, when I click on your link above, it says page not found: ( The repository will need to be publicly available.

OK quaap, thanks a lot.
I removed temporary the access as I didn’t have support. I will do it
tomorrow. :slight_smile:

RFP submitted :heart_eyes:

Hi all,

The packaging is on the way ??