TWIF needs your help

Hi all,

I found a new day job! While this is good news for my wallet, it means I’ll have a lot less time for F-Droid in general, and also for twif. Therefore, TWIF needs your help more than ever.

First of all, I can’t go digging for changelogs anymore. If an app doesn’t have a changelog entry in F-Droid itself, I’m going to skip over it without a second thought.

How you can help: There are plenty of apps which have changelogs, but we don’t have a link to them in F-Droid. You can add it by submitting a Merge Request on F-Droid / Data · GitLab (ideally), or if you think that is too hard, open an issue, and say which app has changelogs, where.

The second thing is that I won’t have time to closely watch F-Droid activity anymore, let alone what happens in F-Droid’s “orbit”. I need you even more than ever to send in tips, or even help co-author part of TWIF, for example by sending in complete news items. Let me know if you want to help!

That’s it for now. Thanks to those who already sent in tips, correction and suggestions. They help!


…and @Izzy didn’t catch them? I doubt it :smiley:

/me too :rofl: But well, I indeed might have missed a few. Especially when they’re stored in “unusual places” (e.g. not in or in a file named [Cc]hangelog.* in the root of the repo). So checking can’t hurt. Moreover, some devs might have added changelogs after my last bulk scans.

You can basically follow @vanitasvitae’s feed to find out which ones you missed. :wink:

I’m interested in helping with/coauthoring TWIF - what would be of most help?

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It would be of most help if you could take responsibility for a whole twif at least once a month.

Other than that, every piece and part of twif takes time to write, so it’s a question of what you’re interested in, and how much time you have. For example, we could split up the apps so you write one half of the summaries, and I do the other half. @Licaon_Kter has helped to fill in missing app descriptions for the new apps (thanks, btw! :wink: :+1:) Another thing could be to observe the weekly F-Droid developer meeting, either live or by reading the logs after the fact, and turn the newsworthy bits into twif items. That’s it as far as “taking over” from me.

What is also needed, especially in terms of co-authoring, is people who make twif even better by watching the community and writing about news of interest to the F-Droid community. After all, twif is not just about F-Droid. It’s a community newsletter, for and by the F-Droid community, and I shouldn’t be its sole voice.

I can take responsibility for 1 of the TWIFs a month with the aim to move up to 2 once I’m up to speed on process. I’ve been looking for a way to contribute to the community, and this seems a good one. In regard to app updates, would you want to break them up by date (ie we both prepare our summaries with all the apps) or just to break up the updates so we both do some every week?


That’d be great! It’d be easiest for one of us to just do all the app summaries for a given week, but that can be a lot, so it depends on how much you think you can handle. I could give you 5 apps to start with and get your feet wet, or you could even start by just observing the process and tangling with the tools if you like.

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