Known Repositories

At now the following repositories give permanent error: i tried some investigation.

  • Rakshazi (trying to contact developer)
  • Platschi (asked them on Reddit)
  • Onosendai (the whole site seems offline)
  • Nitlanguage (the repository seems to actually exist but probably because of wrong setting it can’t be read by F-Droid app)
  • Metatrans (link has changed, I had a look on their website and put here the correct one)
  • I2P (I asked them on Reddit, they had a look and fixed it!)
  • Antox (the app doesn’t exist anymore, so also the repository has been deleted)
  • UnifiedPush (repository not reachable anymore)

UnifiedPush answered that their repository has been deleted since their apps are now all on main F-Droid:

I was also able to finally find Submarine repo contact, waiting for his answer.


GitJournal developer changed settings for his repository, but it needs to be removed from one’s F-Droid and added again:

A new one for Lagrange Gemini browser with stories about difficulty porting app to Android and making repo. Disclaimer: Not an endorsement; no connection. Just saw it.

Edit: It is currently a “testing” or “unstable” repo, but there is no “stable” repo, so which list fits is not clear (to me). :slight_smile:


link with link to repo:

Repo and fingerprint:


There is also this repo here:

Where I found it:

Thank you; I prefer to put it in the “testing repo” thread, even if I understand that there’s no “stable” :slightly_smiling_face:


I just added

This is the official F-Droid repo for SimpleX.


I’ve removed my existing repos and added my new one, which contains only apps released on GitHub, as well as the repo for Seeker.

If you’re interested in hosting a repo on github using GitHub releases, xarantolus has made an fdroid action that automates this; this is what my new repo is based on. There’s also a docker file around somewhere that contains the latest fdroidserver package that could help as well (I don’t have the link handy right now).

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Kaidan nightly. Not sure if they have “stable”.


Have not tried it.

Hi! These repositories is already listed in Testing repositories :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do not see Kaidan there, but I see CalyxOS Testing here. So few are in the Testing list, maybe all should be here for less confusion.

Kaidan is hosted in “KDE android Nightly builds” repository.
About the CalyxOS repository you are right, I moved it now.

I think the separation of stable and testing repos is right because it’s better to know if certain apps are intended to be one way or another.

I’ve tried adding every single repo and I thought I might as well give you an idea of what repos should be checked whether they are still functioning or not. As of 11.8.2022 the following were not working for me:

Alefvanoon’s Repo:
Anonymous Messenger: Anonymous Messenger Official Repo
gsantner (public):
RWTH Aachen University:

Also I’ve found the last one (StoryMaker) in the list of abandoned repositories, so I assume it should have been removed from this list. Hope the others will be working again soon. :slight_smile:



In my voluntary, un-official task of keeping an eye on repositories, I can say:

Alefvanoon’s Repo: I’ll try to contact him, even his website is down. I’ll contact them
StoryMaker: I’ll try to contact them

These ones don’t give any error on my phone:
Anonymous Messenger
gsantner (public)
RWTH Aachen University


Just added the one below. The maintainer has been notified here.

JulianFairFax F-Droid repo

This repo contains GeoGebra, GrapheneOS Apps, GrapheneOS Auditor, GrapheneOS Camera, GrapheneOS PDF Viewer, Internxt, Proton Mail. It also contains Simple Mobile Tools apps with patches to support a white icon.
Number of apps: 24

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I get a warning in my browser because of I guess the page outdated. Any opinions about it?

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Ooops. I would to move it to abandoned already some weeks ago, done now. Thank you!

Hello Julian, done! Many thanks


Ghisler is the developer of the Total Commander file manager.

There are two repositories which can be added to the F-Droid app to get automatic updates. One repository contains the latest release versions, and the other the beta versions. Please add both if you want to receive also beta versions (not just just the beta repository).

Release version repository

Beta version repository

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You should add it to the OP, as editing is allowed for that.

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