Favourite browsers to use

Certainly i have gone extremely high and block everything that seems no use. And gms also blocked my me… here is a list i have not including ssl analysis google


chromesyncpasswords-pa.googleapis.com(chrome disabled)
And so on.

Not related to fdroid
Btw is there anyidea to port your app in linux also i really love to use your app in my linux lapi.
I use firefox and gnome browser if you upload your app in flatpak or snap deb rpm maybe

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Privacy Browser PC is under active development.

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WoW it is nice i will try it.
Hope to get it in official repos.

TOR Browser - random searches + some shopping
Privacy Browser - same for cases when TOR browser is restricted. If i had to chose only one the Privacy Browser would be it.
Vanadium - when onion route is restricted.

We need it! Regarding donations. Tried liberapay got stuck on entering the card number clicking the field for the number and keyboard doesn’t open up, using your browser, enabled java&cookies domain wide. Any idea?

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Thanks for considering a donation. Regarding Liberapay, I don’t have any experience making a donation through the platform using Privacy Browser, but as a general rule, after trying the things you already meantioned, I usually try enabling DOM storage, changing the user agent, and disabling the blocklists in that order.

Libera takes cards directly? Via Stripe or Paypal?

Right. And there is a privacy browser issue stopping card info entry into web form.


I start to enjoy lynx in termux, and deedum (A browser for the gemini protocol) deedum | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository for the retro web feel, but not a lot of “popular” sites work.

Stripe I think

I did enable the DOM storage it didnt help. Later i tried from laptop everything worked fine.

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I figured it out. Blocked third party requests. Ublock them and the field for card number works.


FWIW, deedum has been uninstalled, because… on microsoft github.

Anyone knows if Lagrange is mirrored from Gitea to Github or vice versa? For purposes of apk and f-droid repo or what?

Sorry in advance for x-posting… :slight_smile:

Unlike desktop, your not going to see much performance degradation between using a normal phone browser and using Tor so you can just use Tor.

Duckduckgo is my favorite browser. One of the reasons I like it so much is because it does not track you at all. The company does not collect or share any personal information, which makes it great for anyone who wants to stay anonymous online. There is also a safe search option that helps filter out potentially dangerous websites so that you can browse without worrying about getting infected by malware or viruses.

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Not really


I noticed with DDG Browser a long time ago that when you open the Bookmarks tab it starts sending dns queries for them whether opened or not.
So 15-20 automatic dns queries, more if you scroll through them.

Mull and smartcookieweb preview. GitHub - CookieJarApps/SmartCookieWeb-Preview: SmartCookieWeb, redesigned using GeckoView

I used many years this WV browser :

Pro version and the file for blocking ads, is there (did it myself(file for blocking ads)) :

But now (16/05/22) i use Fennec.

Tor Browser