Favourite browsers to use


Among these browsers available in fdroid, what would you suggest ? Which one do you prefer ?

  • Fennec
  • jQuarks
  • Midori
  • Duckduckgo
  • SmartCookieWeb
  • Privacy Browser

Maybe I forgot some.



I am the developer of Privacy Browser. It is not for everyone, but I can answer any questions about how it works for those who have a strong desire for privacy while online.

Also in F-droid settings, repositories, check Guardian Project Official Releases, and you find Torbrowser.

Another to consider is Mull, available by adding divestos.org/fdroid/official repository.

Bromite is good.

Bromite, Mull, and Tor Browser are my recommendations.

I maintain a basic browser comparison table here:

Full disclosure: Mull is my fork. I also have commits in ‘Lightning’, ‘FOSS Browser’, and ‘Fennec’.


That’s a pretty cool comparison.

How did you get Foss Browser to work ? It looks really cool, but adress/search field does not work with the last version. Stuck on the home page.

How can I try Mull on my Lineage phone?
Thank you.

paste the repo url into to your F-Droid:

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Thank you.

Midori and SmartCookieWeb both look very light. I wonder if there are Jelly-based or Jelly forks.