Favourite browsers to use


Among these browsers available in fdroid, what would you suggest ? Which one do you prefer ?

  • Fennec
  • jQuarks
  • Midori
  • Duckduckgo
  • SmartCookieWeb
  • Privacy Browser

Maybe I forgot some.



I am the developer of Privacy Browser. It is not for everyone, but I can answer any questions about how it works for those who have a strong desire for privacy while online.


Also in F-droid settings, repositories, check Guardian Project Official Releases, and you find Torbrowser.

Another to consider is Mull, available by adding divestos.org/fdroid/official repository.

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Bromite is good.

Bromite, Mull, and Tor Browser are my recommendations.

I maintain a basic browser comparison table here:

Full disclosure: Mull is my fork. I also have commits in ‘Lightning’, ‘FOSS Browser’, and ‘Fennec’.


That’s a pretty cool comparison.

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How did you get Foss Browser to work ? It looks really cool, but adress/search field does not work with the last version. Stuck on the home page.

How can I try Mull on my Lineage phone?
Thank you.

paste the repo url into to your F-Droid:

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Thank you.

Midori and SmartCookieWeb both look very light. I wonder if there are Jelly-based or Jelly forks.

I use privacy browser as default for quick searches with javascript and cookies deactivated for all sites except those I visit regularly (for example for this forum I have activated both js and first-party cookies, not to have to always login) alternatively I use bromite. I also use bromite as system webview.

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Will Mull work in standard ROMs?

Thanks, M.


Will Mull work in standard ROMs?


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Is the APK file on your website?

Ta, M.

Sure. See previously posted f-droid repo link.


Duh, yeah, thanks! Half asleep here :slight_smile:

I actually use Brave browser. It’s open source and chromium based. Also blocks ads and trackers.

DuckDuckGo is also great.

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Hi Soren, you have a great browser.
I want to suggest you to add text reflow and printing/save as PDF features to Privacy Browser.
thanks in advance.


Regarding text reflow see https://redmine.stoutner.com/issues/158.

In answer to saving as PDF, some browsers incorporate a PDF generator into their code. The down side to doing so is that it increases the attack surface of the browser and adds one more potential avenue for exploitation. As such, is not something I would likely consider adding to Privacy Browser. I have written extensively about this topic at https://www.stoutner.com/minimizing-privacy-browsers-attack-surface/. If at some point the Android operating system were to add native convert to PDF functionality that were accessible to an app with one click I would incorporate it without reservation. Until then, any website can be converted to PDF by selecting Page > Print > Save as PDF.