When You Love Freedom You Give Freedom Pt. 2

If anyone would like to continue the discussion from When you love freedom you give freedom just pick up where you left off. I believe we left off where @SophistiCat had accurately predicted the threads closure after the discussion turned toward notable hiatorical figures and their comments on groupthink and propaganda.

I believe @Damjan and I were discussing a bit about privacy and the lack of concern over the abuse of it in modern society.

@Morgoth highlighted some of the differences between IOS and Android when it comes to their handling of user privacy and ways to mitigate the default configurations.

@aotektrue, @ecxod and @justsomeguy were discussing a bit about the coronavirus pandemic and differences in their opinions over government response.

And @justsomeguy and I were discussing the durability and effectiveness of camping equipment, to which I might add that the BioLite Campstove is a good product with some flaws. An excellent concept that is lacking somewhat in execution, but ultimately something I would recommend. Alternatively we’ve often considered picking up a Solo Stove, but won’t be making a final decision on that until our BioLite gives out.


Freedom cannot be stopped. Life cannot be stopped. Goodness cannot be stopped.

@Tryder Many thanks to your commitment.


Dude, come on, the other topic got closed less than 8 hours before you opened this one. Can you please at least take some times to let a situation cool down a bit?