What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?


Is there a foss app for smart lock?


this function is done at system level hence can’t be done with app. Sorry


I already open a specific topic but perhaps developers are more looking in this one to get idea…

I miss an app to do SMS group. To permit people without internet to be able to be part of a group communication.
All group app that I know use MMS (need internet) or directly internet.
(The only-one that I fund doing this is “groupme” a Microsoft app :grimacing: )

Here, the specific topic : Groupme alternative


I search for an app which can show me appointment and dates on my LOS lockscreen.


Something I’ve been missing is a way to create and build/run simple apps using no other resources than the device itself, either in Python or in Java.


I suggest Lua as most suitable. Intro and video: http://www.londonlua.org/androlua/index.html , my humble repo: https://github.com/ildar/AndroLua
Though I’m sure there must be something similar with Python.


@Ildar Thanks for the suggestion. That app doesn’t appear to be in the F-Droid main repository though?

Another thing I miss - a lightweight app to interact with this forum!


There is Java N-IDE for Java. Not sure if it’s fully open source. Sadly it’s unmaintained.

Also, there is Pascal IDE from the same developer.

As for Python, you can use QPython.


I detected the Playstore App “Quizduell” I wish an App which use the Question/Answer Data from https://www.kwdb.ch and generate something similar.
This Database seems has Problems at moment to get enough maintenance.

Beside the normal Questions which allows fighting against Friends, I like the Quality Questions this app asks about the Duell Questions. That improve the Questions also.


I think I found a jewel:smile:
Today new version 1.14

There is an Android version, so the code is somewhere in this repo, GPL2.
Go guys…


I really like to have read it later apps like Pocket and Instapaper.I don’t know if there is any open source apps like these.


@wuijbfek , isn’t Firefox ok for that?


“Save for Offline” exists and is in F-Droid.



Pour ma part, il me manque sur F-Droid une application pour gérer le contenu d’un ou plusieurs congélateurs domestiques.
Beaucoup de fonctionnalités sympas pourraient y être ajoutées : différentes formes de trie, alertes lorsque la date limite de consommation approche, scanner de code-barre, récupération partielle de la fiche produit sur openfoodfacts.org, etc.


For my part, I miss on F-Droid an application to manage the contents of one or more domestic freezers.
Many cool features could be added: different forms of sorting, alerts when the deadline of consumption approaches, barcode scanner, partial recovery of the product sheet on openfoodfacts.org, etc.


Google gave recently to the community a IO library for connected objects.


Thanks for your suggestion.But this app saves the whole web page.Cant save articles from web like Pocket or Instapaper.


An equalizer app like Nooxoide.


Note app, something like Google Keep, even without cloud save functionality. It’s simple vector editor in my pocket :wink:


Something like Markor? Orgzly?


Well, I primarily use Keep to draw, and there are basically no other vector based drawing note apps. Certainly no FOSS ones :c The only issue I have with Keep is that I can’t export stuff later, and I have to take a screenshot or PNG rendered by google on their website, but it’s still detailed enough to extract SVG from PNG in Inkscape.

That being note app is useful because of cataloging of my ideas for later use :wink: Categories and such, attaching notes to drawings etc.