Groupme alternative

I am looking for an app like “groupme” :
Group sms with one phone from the group witch receive all sms and redistribute them to the group.
I need the app to work without internet.

it exists?

Silence has the ability to send a message to a group of contacts you define. But I cannot find details about that feature…
Not sure if any group member can reply to all group for example, if contacts have to be known, etc… Never organize such a test with friends ! :wink:

Yes, I already trail it but there is the same problem than with most application, group work with MMS. Witch need internet connection.
So I am looking for an application witch work with SMS group to permit people without internet connection to be part of a group exchange.
Like “groupme” but, groupeme is not open-source end even worse, a Microsoft application…

For the contacts, if the SMS are centralised on the group creator phone, its not a problem, if one of the group ave not one of the contact, he wel not see “Bob send: Helo” but : “telephon number send: Helo”.

I wish I ave time to learn to code than build the application but I haven’t…
If that application don’t exist, its would be nice if someone could fill this gap :smiley:

On the way, first time that I miss en application with F-Droid, so thank you to all people spending time on to it!

Steel searching

@jenifermendonza : and none of them working without internet, right? Now read the OP.

Technically, the apps for communication without internet should use either SMS or mesh nets. I don’t see other means. So seek SMS or mesh and try.

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