What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?


An app that is critical for Android TV and suggested to Kodi for Android users is Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner which allows keypress code remapping. It is a free utility that is simple and basic but the author has stopped development (I suspect due to the headaches of security updates in newer Android versions). I reached out to the email address provided, asking him to release the source so development can continue but never received a response. Maybe others can persuade him or recreate from scratch.

New UI / UX [ TV ONLY - DISCUSSION ] (TV layout, keyboard, d-pad...)

Under linux threre are a lot of FOSS remaping apps.
Probably users already took a code and converted it to Android.


Is there a nice and maintained FOSS app for tumblr?


I am missing an app to remove metadata from pictures and documents.
All other apps I need are availabe on F-Droid. :sunglasses:


Send Reduce or Scrambled Exif ?


Thanks @Licaon_Kter, Scrambled Exif looks wonderful. :heart_eyes:
Send Reduced seems to be dead though.


Does anyone know an Image Fap app?


Send Reduced works ok, no longer developed though, I like it since I can resize and lower quality, eg. doing 80% and 2560 makes the files 3-5x smaller. :slight_smile:


I just tried Send Reduce. Really liking it so far.


I am looking for a Nextdoor alternative :thinking:


I’d say we need some alternatives to the Google proprietary services - mainly TTS, voice recognition, assistant.

TTS - Pico is the only open option and it’s abandoned, and there aren’t really any great alternatives too.
Voice recognition - As far as I know, Mozilla has been working on foss one. Let’s see how that goes.
Assistant - The only one that comes to mind is MyCroft.

Good thing is that there’ve been Search apps lately, though they lack a few features, but lets give them time.


Check Festival-based TTS


Hi. I cannot find an app that allows me to save a webpage as plain html files in Android.

Firefox does pdf which is notorious for saving content with major parts of the webpage chopped off. Opera does mhtml which saves super-fast and is super-reliable but the Saved Pages can only be opened inside Opera itself.

For some reason Fennec and IceCat cannot install on my tablet (App not installed) despite trying several versions over the span of 2 years. I have no idea why. So an installable fdroid browser like these that doesn’t use Google’s inbuilt web engine or downloads components would be nice.

An app like MyAndroidTools would be nice to disable some of the in-built crapware analytics inside some apps found on the Play store, like the junk from Mozilla and Opera itself.

There is no decent polished Open Document office suite. I probably want this the most. There are also very few half-decent games.


You can use Save for Offline with any browser you wish through the “Share” menu.


Thanks. It turns out that I had “save for offline” installed but I totally forgot about it. Hah.