What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?


What I’m missing are alternatives for the only 3 non-libre apps that I use (and can’t live without):

  • a strong backup tool like “Titanium Backup” (I guess oandbackup might come close - i’ll try that for a while now).
  • a highly customizable widget with toggles like “Power Toggles”
  • an app like “Popup Widgets” (especially great in combination with Power Toggles).


A simple app that Locks the screen! Because it revokes fingerprint authorization. And you can sleep in calm!


Is there a photo editor of some sorts?

I know “Simple Gallery” that can crop images but is there an app that has a little more? Brightness/contrast control would be good, and fudge/heal/etc (for anonymizing, for instance).


Do you find the source codes and contact the developer to join F-Droid??


Thanks for your silence :slight_smile:

Should include this kind of app:
send file to the printer with Android.


Afaik the AOSP clock in the status bar has a setting to display HH:MM:SS. Atleast I have it configured that way on Android 8.1.