Unstoppable Wallet silently added data collection and sending, F-droid already offers automatic update

See GitHub issue here 0.38.4 silently collects and sends various data from the app · Issue #7423 · horizontalsystems/unstoppable-wallet-android · GitHub

This app is advertised by it’s authors as “it doesn’t collect any data” which is now clearly false.

It would be good if F-droid at least warned the users since this latest app version (that now collects and sends app data) is already in F-droid pushed via automatic updates. I believe many users would want to be at least aware of this change, if not stop using it.

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As always, it’s so unstoppable so they must send some data. :slight_smile: I’m checking the code.


I’ll disable 0.38.4 and patch the code. We can talk about this in TWIF.


I am from Unstoppable team. I wanted to clear out this issue with data collection. We added this UI data collection to learn what features are used by our users.
Can you provide with f-droid concerns about this issue?

Is it ON by default? If so you’ll get Tracking antifeature (ref: Anti-Features | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository)

It can’t be disabled