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ClashMetaForAndroid is back. It was archived as mentioned in Let us compete on trustworthiness and an Arcticons special release | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository.


f-droid 1.19.0 will be released next


The latest release of Aurora Store (4.4.1) brings a plethora of improvements. It will be marked as suggested after a while to squash reported bugs in between. Among all the changes major ones are:

  • Support for automatically updating apps (needs a supported installer/android version to auto-install the update)
  • Automatic SHA256 & SHA1 verification for downloaded files
  • Support for updates with signing key rotation (introduced after Android 9.0+)
  • Better support for apps with shared libraries such as Chrome/Chromium and WebView
  • New automatic certificate verification for updates (resolves this issue) (future update of Aurora Store will allow turning this off for interested users)
  • Native Installer and Aurora Services have been deprecated (will be removed completely soon, users are advised to use Session Installer or any other supported one)
  • Exporting installed apps doesn’t require storage permissions anymore

Thanks to the feedback on the 4.4.1 release, Aurora Store is now at 4.4.2, which brings some bug fixes, behaviour improvements while targeting the latest Android 14 release. If everything remains good, this version will be marked as suggested in the coming days. Testing and feedback are appreciated as always!

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Let’s add a paragraph about Android 14 and targetsdk23, now that Lineage 21 is out too.

add one about 1.19.x banner “too old to update”

add info on website sidebar language mixup, beware of search

Element and Schildi, mention CVEs fixed

ente auth allows selfhosting ( Update build steps for Ente's monorepo (!14649) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab ) “you can configure the server by tapping on the home screen 7 times.”

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Wallabag app is removed because it uses non-free greendao grade plugin. The greendao gradle plugin is not FOSS · Issue #1399 · wallabag/android-app · GitHub Fortunately we have a new wallabag client now. New App: Frigoligo (!14933) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab


Unstoppable Wallet silently added data collection and sending



I gave a talk “Introduction to F-Droid” at “The Alternative”, a student FOSS interest group in Zürich. The slides are available on Gitlab. Feel free to reuse them if you want to give a similar talk at your local FOSS meetup!

I also created a list of known talks. Some even have video recordings for you to watch!

Pretty app download graphs

F-Droid has collected anonymous metrics a while (see this blog post). The raw data is available here, aggregated week-by-week. For my talk, I wanted to have some pretty graphs, so I wrote some code to create graphs from the raw data.

DivestOS kindly picked this up and generated app download graphs for the top 1000 apps (click on the grey box to view the graph).


Osmand is android 7 or later now

F-Droid 1.20 is live, link to post

afreerdp, up to date version, smaller apk, h264 works?

Principia devs have a news post about the release on F-Droid: Principia is now on F-Droid! - principia-web here

Downloaded and tested. Everything works including h264 (at least the RDP server, GNOME, says it but I didn’t notice any performance difference between having it enabled or not).
Thank you very much for the update!

Conversations/Quicksy 2.16.0, one issue with mute button (fixed in .2) and one issue with big accounts backup (fixed in .2)

Hypathia 3.11 has AI features scanning links on screen

Celestia is interesting, and a huge APK, given that it holds the whole universe inside :slight_smile:

Once the CVE admin issues are public, add blurb in twif. mention past post