TWIF submission thread



Hi Bubu,

does this mean that your post is permanently stuck there? :slight_smile:


Updated now…


I call for help, somebody (@Licaon_Kter) sacrifices their already scarce time to get the post ready in time, and then the post doesn’t show up on the website for 2 weeks. This sucks! :frowning:

I didn’t even bother with TWIF 39 while the website was stuck, instead working on a permanent solution.

TWIF 40 will be a combined issue spanning 2 weeks.


Stringlate has been discontinued (more informations here). It’s really a shame since it was used to translate other FLOSS Android apps (available on F-Droid). If someone wants to support the effort of the community, that’s a good project :slight_smile:


Is anyone willing and able to do this interview? I don’t know how to interview and don’t have the time to teach myself.


Yeah, me neither, that’s why I’ve asked. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
thanks for the detailed description of what went wrong during the build process of NewPipe 0.15.0 in the last TWIF! Thanks again to @Bubu and the rest of the F-Droid team for handling the situation so well.

I came here some time ago and started publishing information about new NewPipe versions. But I seem to be the only one collecting release notes here now. Would you like me to post it somewhere else (IRC, Mastodon, etc.) and use this thread for general discussions about TWIF?

NewPipe 0.15.1 is a bugfix release that brings numerous improvements and updated translations. Livestreams now work properly again and no longer stop after a few seconds. Most importantly, this version contains a number of fixes for the downloader. Downloaded videos and their audio streams are now synchronized again and some other hhings from theme glitches to crashes have been fixed.


Concerning the interview, we could slowly begin with writing down some questions, either on a pad (here for example) or in a small gitlab repo (with new questions proposed and discussed via MR)

What do you think?


Oh no…he will see the questions :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


What about me setting up a private repo where I can give access permission to people who have some questions to ask?

BTW, I can probably take care of the interview (it will be fun :slight_smile: ), I just want to have an English native speaker rereading my text and the final article at the end


Not a native speaker, but I can definitely cross-read questions and or the text/


Some version of this would be nice to have in TWIF:

There are two key packages from the Debian Android Tools suite of
packages that are currently not going to make it into the buster
release. The core of the problem is that buster is using Java 11, and
the Android AOSP code base still uses Java8 and, only in some cases,
Java9. As far as I can tell, just rebuilding the current stretch
package or updating will have more or less the same problems there.

So far, apo of the Java Team, seamlik of Java/Android teams, and I have
all tried quite a bit to get something working. Now we are banging our
heads against details in Java builds that none of us have ever dealt
with before. So we’re putting out the call for help, to find someone
with this knowledge. Right now, I think we need to figure out the new
Java9 “modules”, specifically using the --patch-module= flag to javac
and java.

Lots more details here:


I think we can thank @Izzy. They have been doing a huge work of triaging RFPs so the number of open RFPs is finally decreasing.


After going through today’s mails: @Rudloff was quite busy building what I marked. I didn’t count – but the number of open issues dropped by at least 20 overnight alone (so altogether, this action got about 1/3 of all open RFP issues closed, ~100 items).


We set up this thread especially for submissions, so please keep posting here. We missed your last updates due to lack of time and the website failing to update. :frowning:


Not a native speaker either, but I know English spelling and grammar well enough, and I’d be happy to review.


Nextcloud has been updated to version 3.5.0. Highlights are the new Material design, a chunked upload depending on connection (wifi 10mb, mobile 1mb). One can now directly upload a captured image in any folder. Also the existing Document Provider integration got extended to be fully working, so e.g. creating & saving a text from editor is directly working without starting the Nextcloud app. Last but not least all downloaded files will be updated in a background job every 15 min when on Wifi, to ensure that you have always the latest copy. This deprecates the old “keep in sync” setting.


Another day, another Play Store victim. Today is Signal.

This may be interesting for twif?


Unless we can link to some ongoing current Signal issue on Github regarding hosting reproducible builds (they brag it’s possible, right?) of their app on F-Droid, I’m not sure why this concerns F-Droid enough to be part of TWIF.

…given past hostility from Signal devs towards F-Droid.

Also, they host their own APK that’s (in theory) autoupdating itself.

Interestingly enough, other messengers are integrating the ability to auto-update bypassing storesinstall APKs, Telegram, albeit without reproducible builds that’s useless (for now).

/LE: maybe I got the reason wrong for Telegram, for now :slight_smile:


I think it’s relevant for a few reasons:

  1. We actually have real people handling support requests :wink:
  2. This is about googles changes reagrding sms permissions. You need to be explicitly whitelisted by google to register for read_sms and write_sms permissions.
    This is an ecosystem wide change, and while the intention is sensible (apps that need read_sms for account verification now register for sms’s with a specific pattern/id and don’t need to be able to read all sms, see the execution is done via a propietary google services framework. Apps like Telegram moved to that framework.
    But Signal is an SMS app as well, so google should just whitelist them. But see 1.