TWIF submission thread

Yeah, that’s a thing, thanks to all of them and to you. :slight_smile:

This is the strange part indeed.

The developer of Calendar Notifications Plus pulls their app from GPlay, while leaving it on FDroid.

I have realized yesterday that Play Store was a source of a constant stress recently. And for what? For an app that I develop as a fun-time activity and having absolutely zero profit from it.
Recent SDK/API changes has forced me to kill/change some functionality that people liked and people were blaming me, not google. (For example things like customizable notifications with ability to change LED color or vibration pattern).


Can’t spin this into a decent article right now. Needs too much research.

NewPipe was updated to 0.16.0 bringing support for reading YouTube comments. On top of that with another service was added. In case you want to learn more about the CCC, check out their website or this Wikipedia article.

NewPipe legacy is new in F-Droid. After NewPipe dropped support for Android 4.3 many people, which are using older phones, reached out to us. As a result, a legacy fork with a new maintainer was created. NewPipe legacy supports Android 4.1 and newer.


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A shoutout on this issue would be nice: for all those who want to see the full android-sdk make it into buster, please see:


Deadline for TWIF 46 has passed.

The Android SDK made it into Buster, and the deadline for TWIF 47 also passed.

KDE-Connect has been removed from Google Play:

[update] KDE Connect is back on Google Play with SMS support -

Also Mike Kuketz published part two of his series about LineageOS (in german):

MusicPiped, which is an app that use NewPiper Extractor to stream audio from Youtube, was uploaded by the dev to Google Play, which is something that violates their term of use.

According to this discussion, they didn’t remove the app from Google Play, they just totally blocked the possibility to update it, which is bad practice for user’s security. Updates are obviously still automatically available via F-Droid.

New on f-droid: Kodi® media center, formerly known as XBMC Media Center, is an award-winning free
and open source cross-platform software media player and entertainment hub.

  • Media player and entertainment hub means: Play music, watch videos, view photos, …
  • Cross-platform means: you can use the same kodi software on you android, ms-windows/linux/mac-pc, rasberry-pi-microcomputer, …

For details see

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I don’t know if this is the place to post this. I lurk this forum every now and then and since I don’t have a programming expertise to help with fixing bugs and programming stuff I was thinking on a better way to contribute.

I have been into translation recently and I’d like to offer my services to translate TWIF to Spanish, if you guys feel it’s needed and if there is nobody right now doing it for you.

I do have a day job right now so I don’t know how demading will this be for me but for now I’m just letting you know. Please consider it and hit me up when and if you have taken a decision.

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I decided to go ahead with the interview of BillTheFarmer. We now have a private gitlab repo to write the questions. At the end, we will add Bill, so he can answer the questions :slight_smile:

If one wants to ask a question about android programming or something related, just answer to this post with your username on Gitlab, and I’ll add you to this repo.

(@Coffee and @Licaon_Kter are already part of this, because they are the main writers of TWIFs)

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Welcome, join ( ), translate, thanks. :+1:

He’s gonna be sooooo surprised :laughing:


Actually, the best way right now is to just take a TWIF you want to translate, translate the whole file, and then make a MR on the project: @sameyepatch

@kingu if people provide whole-file translations, is it possible to import those into Weblate later?

@Coffee They are markdown, so once support for that is in, yes.

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Looking into this right now, thanks. Are you planning to publish the ones that have been missing deadlines? That is, 46 and 47?

Are you publishing soon week 48? Because if so, I’ll have to hurry up.

I was looking at the Weblate project but I don’t see much sense in translating past entries since they are mostly recent announcements.

@sameyepatch 46/47 is up, and so is 48. 49 is currently in progress. (And the deadline for news submissions for 49 has passed.)

@sameyepatch 49 is live:

New on F-Droid: Twire, an open source, ad free Twitch browser and stream player for Android.

  • Twitch account login
  • Follow your streamers
  • Read and write to the chat
  • Custom themes (dark theme support!)
  • Audio only mode

and much more!
Please note that the app got merged yesterday,