Translating lots of app "summaries"

I found that lots of summary belong to discontinued apps. For example: has been 404. Maybe you could sort the strings by last update, so we could translate active app first.

I tried to filter out inactive apps, but I guess I failed. I’ll try again. Sorting based on last-update is a nice idea too.

ok, I updated the script to check the current index, and remove anything
not in it. It removed about 25 apps.

Has the strings on weblate updated?There are still some inactive apps such as

Looks like it updated since you posted those links. Those three point to active apps, but the URLs just have the position number in them (offset=139), so perhaps you original pointed to different apps?

Oh no, I get what happened. I should share the permanent link.

And there are still inactive apps.

and more.

Ok, I figured it out and improved the script. It removed another 1 to 40 apps, depending on the language.

Thanks. And here is an appname but not a summary.

Do you mean for pc.javier.seguime? I see a summary for it that you have already translated:

Yes. 453 is the appname and 454 is the summary.

Etar has already been translated into Chinese.

And there are some strings which are description but not summary.

In my opinion translations for title, summary and description for apps in f-droid via XLIFF-filefomat
via should be optional not mandatory

For my own apps i would opt out because

My android apps already have “summary” translations in more than 10 languages.

@K3b I recommend switching your fdroid.xml format to use XLIFF so you
can set character limits for the fields. crowdin should certainly
support XLIFF and it should be not so far off the Android strings.xml
format you are using. Everyone supports XLIFF, even crowdin:

I only added apps that had the Summary: set in fdroiddata. For any app
that provides these translations already, just remove Summary: and
Description: from the metadata file, then remove all the summary.txt,
name.txt, and description.txt files for that app.

It seems something went wrong that I can’t find untranslated strings. Almost all the 605 strings are translated but it shows there are 296 untranslated strings.

And there are some strings not summary but appname or description.

There are a few full descriptions that were there before. As the app developers take over handling the translations, I remove them from here.

As for app names, I’ve been thinking that we should probably also include app names in this collection. It can be a lot more than just the app’s name, since it is up to 50 characters. And it shows on every single screen where that app shows.

Any thoughts on adding app names for all of the apps already in there?

In my opinion, most appnames are untranslatable. Only little appnames such as “Simple Clock” can be tanslated but maybe users wil feel confused if appnames are changed. For example, Telegram is known as ‘Telegram’ in China but not '电报‘ .

And could you remove all the ‘translated’ tags here?

I agree that mostly app names are untranslatable, but the “name” field is up to 50 characters, so there is often a little description. Also, in languages with non-latin alphabets, it is not uncommon to leave the app name the same, but spell it in the local alphabet.

For example: “Orbot: Proxy with Tor”. The part after the colon : should clearly be translated.

About the translated tags, you want me to remove the state="translated" tag from all of strings in zh-CN?

I change my UI language into English and I found it’s “Things to check: Has been translated”. 294 strings in zh-CN are taged. Could you remove these tags? Maybe it is because ofuploading file? I’m not sure.
And will you upload other summaries? At least the newest ones then the first screen are translated :joy:


(1) does f-droid-server already implement “import title,summary,description” via xlif-file via source-code-repository-fastlane-directory?

(2) if yes, ist there any existing -app in fdroid that uses it (as a reference working example) ?

(3) currently does not mention the xlif variant.

if (1) and (2) are true i can try to setup localized translations repository-xlif for via to get my first experience with

if all works as expected i can update (3) and the example

Should we translate f-droid-app descriptions into languages that are not supported by the app?

I have just downloaded the current en-de translations in xlif format from and saw that the app already has a german app descrtiption while the app itself currently is only available in english.

In the case of the 80 character summaries in fdroiddata, I think it
makes sense to translate them all, so people have at least some idea of
what the app is. I think it does not make sense to translate the long
description for an app until the app strings are translated.

fdroid has been including summary/description/screenshots from
fastlane/triple-t for a while now, like over a year. Off the top of my
head, here are some apps using it: AntennaPod, OpenKeychain, F-Droid,
and many more. If you see an app has screenshots in F-Droid, then it is
using fastlane or triple-t.

When I’ll find some time, I’ll get you the XLIFF info. I’m just coming
back from IETF, then I’m going to IFF, so it could be more than a week.