Translating lots of app "summaries"



The short 80-character text that describes an app is known as the “summary” in F-Droid. This is the description that most users see, since it is on the “Latest” and “Categories” views, as well as the “App Details” view. In F-Droid, we recently added full support for localization. But the vast majority of apps are still only available with English summaries and descriptions.

I was thinking it could be worthwhile for the F-Droid community to maintain its own “summaries” for many apps, making them available for translation here:

Then as the apps include the translatable summaries and descriptions in their own source repos, we can remove them from our translation infrastructure.


it would be great if would have a link to a good example opensource url for each type of supported format that is also available in fdroid.

This way developers can see what. goes in and what comes out.


If the rule for translators is clear “this translation will be lost once the project will provide translation support”, it is a great idea indeed.

Weblate let you write a comment for a specific project or component, displaying a blue headline like the one in I assume you just have to ask, or maybe you can do it yourself in project’s settings.
You also should explain to translator they can search for “description”, “name”, “summary” or “changelog” in context, if they wish to focus on some part of the content.

Btw, why should it be a difference between summary and names/changelog/etc?


Summaries are easy to handle in Weblate, since they are just a single
line that has to be shorter than 80 chars. Changelogs, Descriptions,
etc. are a lot more complicated since they are long form text and have


Yes, the idea is to defer to upstream as much as possible, unless we have a specific reason to override upstream’s descriptive materials. Hopefully the upstream projects would include our summary translations instead of just discarding them.


I think I should be able to make a demo about how to handle texts (Changelogs, Descriptions,

Can I use this as a test folder?

I know it already handles translations, but I’m looking for a folder with many files.
Please confirm, or suggest any other folder for this demo.


That seems fine for a demo. Or org.wikipedia is another good one.


I’m not sure I understand what you want to do with that folder.


oh, really sorry about that, thank you for the reminder, here is a short demonstration:

I tried to add as much comments as possible.
What it does: from txt file to translate, it generates a generic pot file, create and/or update existing po files, and publish a localized content.
You just have to run the bash script.


We are using po4a for the website now, and it seems like a lot of manual work to manage. I have absolutely no time left to take on a project like that, I already can’t keep up with what’s there. So we need to get more people involved or simplify things.

Managing the names and summaries of apps in our own translation project will be really quite easy to do, and can be almost completely automated. For descriptions, those can be managed by each app. So your prototype could help with figuring out the best workflow for app developers to manage descriptions and changelogs (longer blocks of text). Here are my thoughts on that: