Scandal behavior of Hans-Christoph Steiner again

Retejo de F-Droid plue ne estas disponebla en internacia lingvo Esperanto. En tiu ĉi kunfand-peto mi proponis aldoni Esperanton kaj forigi iun skrib-sistemon de Ĉina lingvo aŭ forigi neuzatan kaj neprizorgatan Tibetan lingvon. Bedaŭrinde li fermas kaj ŝlosas mian ŝanĝon, ne povas provizi validan argumenton kontraŭ ĝin, escepte de:

b) we will not remove languages
c) there are probably 10+ translations with many times more speakers than Esperanto that would replace any language that was removed

B) ne estas argumento.
C) estas erara - Esperanto estas la plej facila, universa lingvo kaj la ununura monda lingvo - do ĝi estas super iu ajn natura lingvo, do ĝi havas pli da eblaj parolantoj, ol iu ajn natura lingvo.

Please just go away. We already discussed this. And it was frustrating the first time around. Now it’s just silly.


If someone wants to read the history behind this: Skandala sinteno de projekt-estro Hans-Christoph Steiner | skandaliczne zachowanie administratora projektu Hans-Christoph Steiner | scandal behave of admin Hans-Christoph Steiner - #2 by NicoAlt

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Please stop speaking english. Times of collonialism passed, we are in the internet, start speaking international language.

Via afiŝo tute ne rilatas al la temo.

@verdulo it is clear that you are passionate about Esperanto, there is nothing wrong with that. Please channel that energy into productive channels. For example, Esperanto is not part of the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository ( That is the place to add new languages to Android, not F-Droid. Once you get Esperanto into the CLDR, then it’ll automatically become a supported language in Android, Windows, etc. And only then, can we add Esperanto to F-Droid.


EO: Eble mi estas pasiulo, aŭ eble mi realece rigardas: angla ne estas bona por internacia komunikado - ĝi estas tre malfacila por lerni kaj plursenca; ĝi estas populara nur pro ekonomia potenco de Usono.

Plejparto da valoroj jam estas aldonitaj al CLDR kaj eĉ ŝajnas, ke ĝi estas pli kompleta ol la tibeta lingvo.

Kialoj por anstataŭigi iun lingvon (ĉinan simpligitan aŭ tibetan) per Esperanto:

  1. Esperanto estas la plej populara monda lingvo; ĉiuj aliaj lingvoj estas nur por regiona uzo.
  2. Ĉina simpligita kaj tradicia estas la sama lingvo, kun nur alia skribsistemo.
  3. Rigardu al kompleteco de tradukoj ĉe mia antaŭa afiŝo.


EN: Maybe I am passionate, but maybe I have realistic view: English is not good for international communication - it is really hard to learn and ambiguous; it is only popular because of economic power of USA.

Most of values are already added to CLDR for Esperanto, it looks be more complete than tibetan language.

Reasons for replace some language (chinese simplifiied aŭ tibetan) with Esperanto:

  1. Esperanto is the most popular world language; all other languages are for regional use.
  2. Chinese simplified and tradicional are same languages, with only other writing systems.
  3. Look at completeness of translations at my previous post.

(WARNING: Written in English.) Since joining the forum old grandfather visits every two or three days to stay caught up on new posts. I know exactly how much money I have but I do not know how much more earthly time I have. I try to spend well both my money and time. IMO, concerns regarding this matter have been addressed and answered. Be reasonable and move on…

Nonetheless it’s popular and most people e.g. here on the forum speak English. So if you tell people to

that is basically the same as telling people to shut up. English is the only language we can currently all communicate in.
I don’t speak Esperanto and I’m sure I’m not the only one here.

Why replace languages at all? Diversity has never not been a good thing. Go on promoting Esperanto, translate stuff and help out in other ways, but please stop your war on other languages. Quote from Wikipedia’s first paragraph on Esperanto: “Zamenhof’s goal was to create an easy and flexible language that would serve as a universal second language to foster peace and international understanding.” (bold by me). So attacking people for speaking other languages is far from the spirit.

“Esperanto is the most popular world language.”

It may be, but English is the most widely spoken even though it is awkward. Possibly Mandarin speakers equal English speakers. It is the mandated language for air transport, and is taught either as an official language or second language in Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, the Scandinavian countries, Europe, Africa, Western Asia, India and Sri Lanka, Pakistan, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Pacific islands, North America, some countries in South America, and more. It is the basis for most programming languages.

Esperanto has problems of its own being based solely on European languages. It would have been far better to use Mandarin as a starting point, a language that has no tenses, no declension of verbs, and many other simplifications. It can also be written in two phonetic scripts, Pinyin and Bopomofo.

If you wish to see an Esperanto GUI, why don’t you prepare a language file? I don’t see any valid reason why anybody else would waste their time on this project.

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Great that you have made progress on CLDR! The next step for you to get
Esperanto into F-Droid is to get Android to support Esperanto.

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nuqDaq ghaH tlhIngan mughmeH fdroid?

Also can you please adjust the title of this thread not to be so rude? It’s deeply disrespectful to call a this “scandal behavior”.

Do everything to get whatever language you want into F-Droid. Fix all bugs that need to be done to do so., and submit PRs.

And please refrain from discussions what is the best language in the world. I guess nobody really cares here. A FLOSS app can support anyone in the world, as long as it is technically possible and contributors/translators provide the translations.



Kion vi volas fermi supre, kial ne malsupre, dekstre, maldekstre? Lernu Esperanton kaj ne devigi al aliaj lerni anglan.

Pro tiu ĉi eraro.

Do mi proponis portempe forigi iun skribon de ĉina lingvo, forigi neuzatan tibetan lingvon, aldoni Lingvon Internacian kaj eble aldoni iun alian uzatan lingvon.

Mi ne komencis batali. Anglalingvanoj disafiŝas sian lingvaĉon en la mondon kaj ne permesas al mi aldoni Esperanton al la retejo de F-Droid.

Kiuj aplikaĵoj en F-Droid estas haveblaj en Esperanto?
F-Droid, Silence, OsmAnd, And Bible, Open Launcher (nekompleta), Fennec, Firefox Klar, Logical Defense, RedReader, Simple Solitaire Collection, Shattered Pixel Dungeon, Turo, Defendo, Trans, Document Viewer, K-9 Mail, OpenFlood, PReVo, Suntimes, Vanilla Music, Apple Flinger, World Weather

Kiuj aplikaĵoj estas haveblaj en tibeta lingvo?
F-Droid (nekomepleta), Silence (nekompleta)

Mi faris nenion, aliaj homoj tradukis. En Android 5 estas baza subteno por Esperanto: klavaro kaj vidigo de datoj.



What do you want to shut up, why not down, left, or right? Learn Esperanto and don’t force other people learn english.

Because of this error.

So I proposed temporary to delete one alphabet-system of chinese, delete unused tibetan language add International Language Esperanto and maybe add some other used language.

I didn’t started the fight. English-speakers spam their language all around the world and don’t allow me to add Esperanto to webiste of F-Droid.

What applications in F-Droid are available in Esperanto?
F-Droid, Silence, OsmAnd, And Bible, Open Launcher (uncomplete), Fennec, Firefox Klar, Logical Defense, RedReader, Simple Solitaire Collection, Shattered Pixel Dungeon, Turo, Defendo, Trans, Document Viewer, K-9 Mail, OpenFlood, PReVo, Suntimes, Vanilla Music, Apple Flinger, World Weather

What applications in F-Droid are available in tibetan language?
F-Droid (uncomplete), Silence (uncomplete)

I did nothing, other people translated. In Android 5 is elementary support for Esperanto: keyboard and showing of dates.

@verdulo channel these energies into getting full, official Esperanto
support in Android. There is nothing we can do here about that, that
has to happen in a different forum.


You can:

  1. Add Esperanto into website of F-Droid: simply delete some unmaintained language: tibetan or turkan - in similar way unmaintained applications are also moved to fdroid archive repository, why not to do same with languages?
  2. Let me translate descriptions of applications: esperanta priskribo por Transportr kaj Fennec (!3572) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab
  3. Learn Esperanto, here is good page:

And it’s scandalous


As others have said before, until Android supports Esperanto, Esperanto
will not be added.


But Esperanto is better supported by F-Droid user(s) than Tibetan or Turkish!

That could be true. What is also true is that Tibetan and Turkish are
officially supported by Android.


New try to replace Tibetish with Esperanto:

with solids arguments.