Scandal behavior of Hans-Christoph Steiner again

Herr Steiner, you have more patience than I do. No matter what reasonable argument is presented, this bore will not listen. Do all Esperanto speakers conduct themselves like this? I don’t know. I’m not really looking for an answer. I assume the language naturally lends itself as a language of confrontation. If you, Steiner, will not do it for your own honor (scandalous? I shutter), surely the F-Droid forum should find a way to halt members from issuing insults toward other members. AFAIK Esperanto is the only language that has been used to insult not only a fellow forum member but one that is a Contributor. His attitude borders on hostility.

Dear @verdulo,

we as the moderators of F-Droid forum’s have received such a great amount of flags of your posts that we can no more ignore this issue.

It’s not like your behavior is new to us. For months you’re now insisting on your position, showing disrespect to other people and their opinions, insulting them, their languages and thus also their culture and social background. People have shown you many ways on how you can achieve your goals of including Esperanto and with that also other languages in the project’s official website, but you ignored them and instead insisted on offending those people.

We no longer want to tolerate this. As of today, you’re suspended from this forum, meaning you can no more login to it. We are aware of the fact that this is a hard penalty, but we don’t see any other way to clear this up, as your behavior has already started to damage the atmosphere of F-Droid’s forum and its community.

We also ask you not to open any other issues or merge requests on GitLab consisting of the deletion of or flaming on other languages and why they are inferior to Esperanto.

We hope you understand this.


Nico for F-Droid’s moderator team

P.S.: To all other people reading this: Please abstain from “feeding the troll”.