Naciisma sinteno kaj malamo kontraŭ Lingvo Internacia | nationalists behaviour and hate against International Language

Mi volus plendi kontraŭ estroj de F-Droid, kiuj blokas mian kontribuaĵon al la projekto. Naciistoj de F-Droid ne volas aldoni la internacian lingvon Esperanto al la retejo, kvankam ĝi estas pli kompleta ol aliaj jam aldonitaj. Ili malpermasas uzadon de alij lingvon ol la angla., blokas min de uzi forumon, fermas kaj ŝlosas miajn kunfand-petojn kaj raportas min al Gitlab.

I want to complain about admins of F-Droid who blocks my contribution to the project. Nationalists of F-Droid not want add the international language Esperanto to the website, but it is more complete than other previously added languages. They dismiss use of other languages of English, blocks me from use forum, closes and locks my merge requests and raports I to Gitlab.

Do you seriously think this kind of language won’t get you blocked again?
If you want to complain about made up nationalism, please do so on a made up platform, not on F-Droid where we deal with reality.
I think @hans and others explained to you many times by now how you could make real contributions to advance the cause of adding Esperanto. Insulting people is not helpful.
FYI: Esperanto was never meant to be used for the kind of hate speech you are spreading, but to foster peace.


What wrong I told?

I don’t understand. I talk about real contribution to the project: Why my translation is still not included on the website?

Who I insulted? I made real contribution by translating the website, I only ask why my translation is still not included, but it is more complete than other languages. Why F-Droid only supports national languages but not international?

Then why you speak language of war and hate (English) instead of Esperanto?

Is there a way to kick away the Esperanto troll from this forum?
Can you (Verdulo) restrict yourself to one topic instead of multiplying topics? so that others can safely ignore one topic and forget about you?

@admins, please close this topic and let Verdulo speech in just one? Please?

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Dear @verdulo2,

some months ago, you not only got banned from F-Droid’s forum, but also GitLab decided to ban you from their platform. Just like there, you created a new account to spread your … message which can only hardly not be seen as trolling, as you keep insisting on your opinion, don’t hear to others, insult them etc. pp.

We at F-Droid’s forum not banned your account, but you as a person based on your behavior. Therefore, you’re not allowed to create new accounts. We ask you not to create another account as this will result in immediate suspension of it. Thank you for your understanding.

For all other people, please see this post for reasons behind banning @verdulo:

More information:

As one can see with ease, there are many different people who not agree with @verdulo’s behavior. I really liked this post by someone who speaks some Esperanto. The post highlights the reasons why other people learn Esperanto and how @verdulo is damaging the reputation of it: