New icon for Fennec F-Droid


If we start the vote we should do something like 2 weeks. I’d not add more options during the voting phase.

But for this weeks twig maybe we should just announce that we’ll start the voting if no new submissions come in until next …Friday?


So, one more week, closing submissions Friday the 8th of June 24:00 UTC (aka Saturday the 9th of June 00:00 UTC)?

Yeah, voting period should be at least two weeks. Maybe it could run until the end of June, or even a full 4 weeks. I like June because it’s memorable.


Then let’s extend the submission deadline until Sunday 10th, 2400 UTC and Voting afterwards until EOJ (End of June :wink: )



If anyone objects, act fast. I plan to finish up #TWIF early early this week due to @Bubu’s absence.


I’m not a lawyer but I think the icon has to be visually distinct enough from FireFox that people could not possibly mistake the two. This is because of trademark law (at least in the US) which is in place to protect consumers from being duped by a company impersonating another company.

I don’t think the proposed design is distinct enough from FireFox. I’m concerned that Mozilla would ask for it to be changed.


Shape is different, animal is different, colour is different, pose is different, what else is there to change?


Mozilla seemed to agree that the Iceweasel icon was different enough so I think we are good here.


A fennec is a fox; the animal is not different. Both are foxes wrapped around a globe with their tail gripping it. All I’m saying is that people could realistically say “is this FireFox?”

It’s possible I’m being paranoid, just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.


Yea I see what you mean, but for the latter, the Firefox floats in front of the globe as opposed to this Fennec which grips the globe. The old Fennec logo is more true to what you said for sure


I honestly wonder in how many languages Fennec gets called fox, in Polish it’s ust Fenek, without any mention of fox :wink:



New Fennec:

Maybe replace the Earth by the sun :smiley:




I think if Mozilla had a problem with the use of the animal they’d have voiced their disapproval with the use of the name a long time ago.