New icon for Fennec F-Droid


I would love the icon to be adaptive, now that more and more people will be on Oreo.
Some info:

Maybe we could have the Fennec itself in the foreground, and then as a background the blue bit with the continents’ shape on it? Then the launcher can mask in whatever way users choose.

So user can have a squircle earth, if the wish to :joy:




Same proportions without circle crop:



Yeah, the first one’s awesome. :ok_hand:
I guess some won’t like the ears being cut off, but I’d argue it’s better this way since otherwise the head would become too small.

The second one wouldn’t work if we want it to be adaptive, though


Honestly I think ramming everything into an identical shape is a load of crap. It eliminates, or at least diminishes, one of the most useful features for distinguishing between items - shape, all in the pursuit of copying Apple. Meh.

It also does FA for visual cohesion that isn’t already achievable by e.g. icons following material design.

I think the second one might be possible actually, if the icon is entirely in the background layer, so Android just crops the whole thing down.

Just as long as I don’t end up with a forced-circle Fennec icon on a home launcher that isn’t forcing “adaptiveness” :J


Squircle mockup:



My launcher doesn’t force anything and I still find the icon bad.


SVG following Android adaptive guidelines (made in Inkscape, foreground, background and masks are layers):

PNG using “unadapted” mask (i.e. for Android versions using a plain icon):



Demo PNGs using adaptive masks from SVG:


[Poll] Vote on new icon for Fennec



I actually kind of like the ears being cut off. I can’t say why, I just like the look.


@Bubu What’s your stance on this one? What are the next steps for Fennec’s icon?


As said here: New icon for Fennec F-Droid

Anyway, someone needs to step up and facilitate the voting here. I don’t have time to do it. After that we still need to integrate it into the fennec build, but we can worry about this later.


There’s now a vote open here. Raise your voice! (But only once for fairness)


Why did this version not make it into the poll btw?


I am also wondering.


That’s the one @hellcp proposed for Firefox Klar, that’s why I left it out.
Cf his comment here and his repo structure here.


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