New icon for Fennec F-Droid

My main reason for the color differentiation was merely because Fennec F-Droid is not an officially endorsed or in any other way associated product of Mozilla, but maybe it is and I’m completely wrong. I have no issues with a stronger Firefox tone and kooks great too. I like the addition of the F-Droid name.
One thing that should be slightly changed is the fennec fox tail. It should end much bushier than in its current form :smile:

I don’t see why “not officially endorsed” can’t have visual cues that refer to official branding. Especially since separate release channels are signified by specific colour selection. Similarly, I didn’t make up those colours really, about

Fennec had similar Beige + Blue colour scheme (I just updated it a little with more lively shades).

And as it was pointed out, Focus has similar colour scheme to Klar here (although imo it still makes a huge difference to add orange to the mix).

From images I see online, tail has more of a pointy tip of the tail than brushy one, so that will probably stay :wink:

I updated Gitlab repo with improvements visible along the way here (including but not limited to F-droid text and dark tail tip)


Good logo but I don’t like the purple.
We are on planet Earth (Blue).


I loled, wut did I just read ?? :))

? !!! :pig: :cupid: :broken_heart:

This thread is amazing! Pure gold everywhere :star_struck:

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Another remark: it’s F-Droid not F-droid

You are not wrong my friend, will correct that in a sec :smiley:

Fixed, it’s F-Droid now :smiley:


Good job :trophy: :muscle:

Firefox has their own guidelines, and own style that fits their interface. It’s not really material style.

You’re right. But I don’t think this matters much. Launcher icon is mostly seen in launcher, not in app. A lot of people use icon packs and see nothing wrong in icon/app style mismatch. At contrary, when you have several launcher icons in different styles side-by-side this becomes immediately apparent.

Translations of more detailed icons also don’t really work, they either are too detailed to be considered Material Design, or too simple to be anything specific

That’s true. But Material Design launcher icons are simplistic for a reason: phones screens are small and so are icons on it. It’s difficult to see those nice small details in a 1 cm x 1 cm area. Besides, many devices still have low-resolution screens which don’t help with seeing more details either.

Firefox fork is terrible for this kind of unification

We aren’t going to replace all other icons in Fennec, that’s for sure. Everything else is under discussion. :slight_smile:

I would argue that if we want to address icons, we should cover all of them (deault favicons, instances where Mozilla’s logo appears within app)

With that I would also disagree, primary visual cues for user recognizing and launching app are size, shape and colour. Main factor which causes app icons to look out of place is different size (or different visual weight in cases where icons are of different shape), and not different style.

Just to prove that I’m not pulling that out of my bum, look at iPhone’s icons. Despite the fact majority of them are in very differing styles, they look consistent.

In my opinion if we consider Adaptive icons, as mentioned above in this thread, style shouldn’t matter as much as nice looking icon and brand recognition that can be built based on it (especially considering there is no such thing as consistent colour in those icons, shape and style of them makes it much easier to recognize common family and by extension F-Droid association).

I’m glad Google introduced Adaptive icons, at least one thing unifying style to some standard, unlike every other recent change in P and O :frowning:

Edit: Whoops, missed half of my point by being sad, continuing…

As I mentioned, shape and colour, those are two qualities that are important when user recognizes the icon, Those two qualities are not associated with size, user doesn’t search for every little detail to find which one of Fennecs to launch, because colour of Fennec and Fennec Klar would be drastically different.

I don’t really get the point about “fidelity”, details are always nice, the fact that user can’t see them is just attention to detail, not something we should avoid necessarily. I don’t really get why that would matter. On the other hand things like “Pixel perfect” or “Colour corrected” make a lot of sense in design, but Google isn’t even aiming for that with Material apparently, looking at some of various examples.

So conclusion would be to just give up, make something simple that is flat and doesn’t look original with no detail to save time (which already has been spent on adding that detail).

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Which is the main reason why the current fennec icon looks out of place. It is too small, or at least feels smaller than most icons.

Generally I agree wit being more in Line with Firefox’s android style than with google’s material design. If someone wants all there icons to look the same he’s free to use one of these icon packs :wink: .

Do your logo like you want, no rulez.
Be creative.
It doesn’t matter if icons don’t have the same style.

Current fennec icon is too visually light, it has much more whitespace around itself than more round Firefox icon.

Generally I agree wit being more in Line with Firefox’s android style than with google’s material design. If someone wants all there icons to look the same he’s free to use one of these icon packs :wink:

That’d require forking Fennec again, though. To replace all the icons with material design ones. Would still be worth it. The current icon theme absolutely doesn’t fit into the system.

Everyone should please be sure to state Material Design 1.0 or 2.0 because there is a marginal difference

Of all the suggestions so far, I like this one the best.

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Isn’t it supposed to be an egg?

It certainly looks like one.

Are people in general fine with going forward with one of the proposals in this thread here? We could do a vote on the different proposals then?

Or shall we make another callout to have the chance of another, different submission?

Personally I’d be fine with just doing a vote between New icon for Fennec F-Droid and the options here New icon for Fennec F-Droid.

I’m fine with that as well.

How long should the vote be open? Can additional submissions be added if they come in?