NetGuard or VPN?

I keep reading about the pros of using a VPN. Should I ditch Netguard? I wish I could use a VPN and NetGuard simultaneously. Instead it’s either/or. Unless I’m missing something.(?) Thanks.

Hi, have you heard of the onion router or Orbot app? You can set it to be like a VPN and its de-centralised, in that anyone can be a node.

Its on F-Droid.

If you’re interested you’ll need to enable the Guardian repository in the F-Droid settings to have the Orbot app (and other apps like Tor Browser) show up.

Thanks for your reply. I have NetGuard set to block certain apps from connecting to the internet while allowing others through. Orbot will do that? I’ll definitely download Orbot and look at it’s settings.

Orbot runs on startup. I see in it’s settings that I can stop that, I guess. I ran speed tests. First on Chrome (yes, I know) through Orbot then on Firefox Preview without it going through Orbot. Orbot hid my IP but slowed the connection to a crawl. (As expected) But I see no way disallow Chrome. (Using those to apps just for seeing how Orbot worked.) Thanks away!

You can even use Netguard SOCKS to route everything through the Tor network.

Yes, sir. How to do that?

Settings -> Advanced -> SOCKS 9050

Not sure if a Pro version is needed though.

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I’m a Pro user. Let me rephrase that. A short while ago I contributed to the dev after I downloaded the app and saw that I liked it. I’m on Pro but not a “pro” user per se. (LOL) I believe it was you that recommended the app. I love the app but I pay for a VPN that I can’t use. I’ll check look in the settings for SOCKS.

That’s the way VPNs on Android work…only one app…

Hi. VPN isn’t the same as Netguard since it is a firewall. Although, according to this guide, there are VPN clients that includes a feature that can automatically block traffic through VPN. This feature is called “IP Binding” option.

If you have root AFWall+ is great, as well as the Magisk module Energized Protection for ad blocking. Will free up that VPN to use with a service provider instead of it being locked up (damn android limitations).

Netguard is a fantastic app and pairing it with Orbot is another great alternative if you don’t have root!

Am I missing something? Orbit has a VPN mode. (I don’t understand the global part of the app. For Tor, maybe. Dunno.) like to keep NetGuard running because I’m thinking that it allows an app to be blocked unless I specifically turn the block off for that app. GSam Battery Monitor is blocked. SmartThinQ is blocked. Dandelion, Ear Agent Pro, Frozen Bubble, ad nauseum…etc… But I like to use a VPN app when I use certain apps on public WiFi. So NetGuard will turn off as soon as my VPN is on and all the once blocked apps can have a field day. Can I use Orbot VPN and NetGuard?

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Orbot’s VPN mode is only there to FORCE all apps to go through TOR. Orbot itself is a proxy service that you connect to at port 9050 (default setup). An individual app has to have built in it an ability to connect to that address, which you won’t see in most dirty apps because it would screw with their data collection.

What NetGuard allows you to do is to capture all your traffic and then redirect the things acceptable to you, out through Orbot. You will still have DNS leak to your wireless carrier, but stuff will be encrypted none the less. It’s like a topper on Orbot’s VPN Mode, but with NG you’re able to have more control over individual connections.

So… Leave NetGuard on. Then fire up Orbot but leave VPN Mode OFF? But once I open a browser and search for “my ip address” there it is. Orbot only hides my ip address with VPN Mode on. And with VPN Mode on NetGuard switches off. Unless I’m missing something I’m back to square one and may as well just use my VPN at the infrequent moments that I need it. It’s just mildly irritating having to remember to turn NetGuard back on after using my VPN.

Sounds like a tricky problem, Droidx.

For those who have root access and Android 4.4.x or previous you might be able to use orWall as your firewall, but I’m no expert (see

Droidx, I know that you don’t have an earlier version because you have NetGuard installed. Maybe there are some tricks that you can do in the settings of either of the two programs you have. Search their issues pages and see if someone else had the same problem, perhaps.

Leave both Orbot (not in VPN mode) and NetGuard on at all times.

Go into NetGuard settings -->Advanced options

Enable the SOCKS5 option
SOCKS5 address input:
SOCKS5 port input: 9050

I followed all that. Well, except for “127.0.0.”; I added a 1 otherwise it wouldn’t take. But it still showed my IP address on the browsers that managed to open with that configuration. I fail to see what is gain by using orbot with VPN mode off. I’ll just stick with my odd way of doing things. Which is, Netguard on except for the rare occasion I use an app (such as my banking app) with my VPN while away from home wifi.

This should work just fine, share your Netguard config, and per app Netguard settings

Thanks but I’ve deleted Orbot. And I have a lot of apps! It would take a while to share my NetGuard per app settings. I’m not too keen on sharing what apps I have anyway. I can say “I’ve nothing to hide. It’s a matter of principle”. You can counter with “Well, you should have no problem sharing what apps you have on your phone”. LOL. I’d rather not debate. I’ll do fine. Thanks. Truly, thanks.