Known Repositories



Which ones? Did you enable old index ? if YES that brought this error to light, disable old index, remove (NOT disable) repos, re-add them.

Also, enabling old index will trigger this bug until every repo updates fdroidserver.


I’m confused.… I thought enabling Old Index was the workaround until everything is the current server version.

Anyway, enabling/disabling hardly makes a difference. (I get nearly same amount of errors.) The only way to solve from client-side is to re-add⁉️ That’s kludgy, @ best, no?


It was, but we hit another bug. There’s an explanation in


That’s annoying. I guess I’m getting hit w/ the mentioned timezone bug. Does anyone have a rundown of which servers (besides F-Droid itself.… those can be deleted/readded⁉️) are updated, so I can selectively delete/readd?


At least GuardianProject repos.