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I did not know what the flow is, I actually wanted to edit the Wiki ( & ) :slight_smile:


#22 dev builds are mirrored at this repo:


@NicoAlt, The error was along line of “new users can not submit more than 10 links in a post”


Ah, I understand. I bumped this too, as we have other spam detectors which are quite good.


Have added my Firefox repo, hope it’s ok. (Just got updated to FF 56 by it :slight_smile:)


We’re beta testing a nightly build repo for F-Droid itself:


Added Nit language repo.


Reworked list somewhat.

Note, that “The official Copperhead app repository” seems to have issues, at least with the old index format: Unable to add this repo to the F-Droid client app, although it is working fine in a web browser.


J2ghz’s FDroid Repo (tested on 5-1-18)

Link :

Tachiyomi (dev) (app id eu.kanade.tachiyomi.debug) - Main app built from master branch
Tachiyomi: * (app id eu.kanade.tachiyomi.extension.) - Extension source ( is name of site, e.g. en.batoto)

J2ghz’s FDroid Archive (tested on 5-1-18)

Link :

Archive for the previous F-Droid compatible repo


(More information here)

I can’t edit the wiki yet, maybe because I’m new ^^ If someone can do it…


On Gitlab, I think you can do it directly :slight_smile:


Hum sorry I can’t see where exactly. I’m not very familiar with programing, Gitlab and F-Droid for the time being


Actually, this c:geo nightly repository is still good. See F-droid repository section of:

The browser 403 error is similar to the 500 Error seen from:

or the " This link should be opened in the F-Droid app, not a web browser. " seen from:

I’d also suggest adding fdroidclient-nightly to the list, because its absence seems a little confusing (or I missed it).

Did not see a way for me to edit the page, sorry.