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I did not know what the flow is, I actually wanted to edit the Wiki ( & ) :slight_smile:


#22 dev builds are mirrored at this repo:


@NicoAlt, The error was along line of “new users can not submit more than 10 links in a post”


Ah, I understand. I bumped this too, as we have other spam detectors which are quite good.


Have added my Firefox repo, hope it’s ok. (Just got updated to FF 56 by it :slight_smile:)


We’re beta testing a nightly build repo for F-Droid itself:


Added Nit language repo.


Reworked list somewhat.

Note, that “The official Copperhead app repository” seems to have issues, at least with the old index format: Unable to add this repo to the F-Droid client app, although it is working fine in a web browser.


J2ghz’s FDroid Repo (tested on 5-1-18)

Link :

Tachiyomi (dev) (app id eu.kanade.tachiyomi.debug) - Main app built from master branch
Tachiyomi: * (app id eu.kanade.tachiyomi.extension.) - Extension source ( is name of site, e.g. en.batoto)

J2ghz’s FDroid Archive (tested on 5-1-18)

Link :

Archive for the previous F-Droid compatible repo


(More information here)

I can’t edit the wiki yet, maybe because I’m new ^^ If someone can do it…


On Gitlab, I think you can do it directly :slight_smile:


Hum sorry I can’t see where exactly. I’m not very familiar with programing, Gitlab and F-Droid for the time being


Actually, this c:geo nightly repository is still good. See F-droid repository section of:

The browser 403 error is similar to the 500 Error seen from:

or the " This link should be opened in the F-Droid app, not a web browser. " seen from:

I’d also suggest adding fdroidclient-nightly to the list, because its absence seems a little confusing (or I missed it).

Did not see a way for me to edit the page, sorry.


The green pen button in the OP only took me to the history log and not to any sort of editor, so I guess I’ll have to write this as a reply here.

I decided to spend a little hour this morning on checking the status of various repos that this page didn’t know the status of, and these were my findings:

Eutopia (tested on 2018-04-22)
Works, but its URL has been changed to, since its HTTPS certificate has elapsed.

LibRetro / RetroArch (tested on 2018-04-22)

Nit Language (tested on 2018-04-22)
Doesn’t work. Appears to me to be a signing error.

pilight (tested on 2018-04-22)

Storymaker (tested on 2018-04-22)
Doesn’t work. “Access denied” error when opened in browser, and F-Droid doesn’t seem to me to find a repo there.

Torsten Grote’s personal repo (tested on 2018-04-22)
Works, but its URL has been upgraded to HTTPS:

Umbrella (tested on 2018-04-22)

WiFi AdBlocker Update (tested on 2018-04-22)


I cannot figure out the wiki editing either, but I just made a new repo:

VideLibri (tested on 2018-04-22)

The world’s first universal library app to track the books lend from a (mostly German) public library, renew them, and access other features of a library catalog/OPAC.

F-Droid Info:


@DandelionSprout, @benibela: To get permission to update wikis you have to rank up from new user by spending some time on the forum reading while logged in.


Ah, okay, thanks for the info. Thankfully I only needed 15min of checking out some random frontpage threads, before I was granted ‘Basic’ status.


What’s the purpose of the guardian project repo, when the apps are included in the main repo: ?


They’re included but not up to date.

I guess the idea is to get them build reproducible actually, in the mean time, use their repo, it’s the official one.


Just as a general announcement: many, many of the repos here aren’t updated to the latest F-Droid server version, which fixes a # of issues. (I know, 'cuz I have most of them configured & throwing errors!) Please do so! :bowing_man: