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You can install anything?

3 years old apps, meh


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KDE Android Nightly builds


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I’ve tested the bromite FDroid Repository ( with FDroid 1.6-alpha2 and it doesn’t work. It says it is “not signed” and that the package source wasn’t used before and I have to activate it to show the apps from the repository. But the I already activated it in the list of repositories and update the list of apps/reload all repository data.
Is this an error with the repository (other repos I added some time before are working) or with the alpha version of FDroid?
Has any other user the same problem adding bromite Repo to FDroid?


Now I used the QR code from the website and it works.
I tested some other repos: It seems like the new version of FDroid can’t deal with added repositories without a fingerprint.
On old version, it works without and the fingerprint got calculated so you can compare it manually.


Agreed. The latest version is unable to manually get that. Can you raise a bump in git?


What does this mean? Who should do what where?


The latest version cannot somehow get repos without a FP. That is what I am saying. I do not have a git account.


Lol there are apps in the main F-Droid repository that are from 2011 (8 YEARS) and haven’t been archived. I don’t think it would hurt for a side repo to exist with slightly outdated apps.

I don’t think I could when I first joined, but I can see I have the power now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to access with a regular browser without a 404 Page Not Found

EDIT: works fine with Firefox


I seem to remember that F-Droid itself has a nightly repo, yet I can now only find

What’s the repo address to add above? Is it ?


Post #26 above: Known Repositories

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Is there a special reason it’s not added to the list above? Is there a section (that should be added) for future/testing versions (like the 1 organized for previous/archive versions)? Else, I (or, really, anyone) should add it.

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I don’t think so.

No, I think it can be added directly to the part. Though I don’t have anything against it if you want to create a separate section for that.

This would be great! (I think there are some more repos posted in this topic which didn’t get added to the top list yet :sweat_smile:)

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Nebulo dns changer with DOH.


Sure there is. Ever though of my repo browser? Looks a bit more user-friendly than an XML file (even if Firefox formats that):

(use the drop-down for some other repos if you like, e.g. Guardian)

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List of 30+ repos


404 Not Found

Umm, copy/paste it…


Maybe your repo-browser could be linked in (or even hosted there), is there a way to address url of compatible repos behind like nanodroid or microg ?