Known issue: Cannot check for updates

This is a known issue. We’re tracking it here:

Please be patient, we’re working on it, there’s nothing you need to do.

Please also do not create new topics about this, we have more than enough already.


there’s nothing you need to do.

But the expert setting of old format index does work, if it doesn’t timeout? Are you recommending against this for some reason?

@gallegonovato unanswered here, now closed: I cannot update Fdroid

if I don’t use any of the Guardian Protect repositories, can I disable them without any problems.

Yes, you can disable those without any problems.

In theory we should be using torbrowser and orbot from main F-Droid repo, but those updates are too slow or not included. So, they have other repos, but those are also too slow. So, they have other download channels, for quicker fix and bug distribution. It’s confusing, and a mess, and makes you wonder why, since @hans seems to be a hub in the wheels.

Well, it’s the old format for a reason: it’s not going to stay around forever. I’m personally quite worried that recommending this to people will get a lot of people enabling it and forgetting to disable it again and then next outage we’ll have people with more confusing issues as they don’t happen on the default configuration.

But if you can make sure to remember to disable it again, go for it.


Everything updated fine for me yesterday, no issues

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What is the solution to the problem

The issue has been solved for now by reverting to an old index. We’re hoping to publish a new index with updates soon.


New index has been published, fixed! :slight_smile:


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