After uninstalling F-droid it cant load repositories. Sending this error or no mirrors found error

I did however install droid-ify and downloaded some apps there and izzydroid as well 1 apps from izzy. I do think i need to reinstall everything again. However I sometimes got this error and after some time it would work. Anything?

1 Edit: I have uninstalled everything (factory reset since i did like 3 today because something does not work.

**** Added more screenshots. Tested on wifi and normal data. This time I disabled the official repo and reenabled and tried again something started working. Will update it for more news, Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: I love F-droid.

2 Edit:
**** same thing, any older versions work?

3 Edit:
**** Fix: install all other repos. Other versions of F-droid same issue. Archived version seems to be working, however the big errors still show, apps are downloaded and installed properly - sometimes they require more than one install button tap. They all work.

Known issue with the index, you’ve just uninstalled at the wrong time :slight_smile:

We’re currently having some server issues, we’re working on it. It’s not an issue on your side. There’s no need to reinstall, just wait and check for updates again later, when the issues are fixed F-Droid should be able to download the index again.

ref: Error getting F-Droid index - Unexpected end-of-input (#2383) · Issues · F-Droid / Client · GitLab

program swears.

I’m closing all these topics in favour of Known issue: Cannot check for updates to keep the forum a bit more readable (we already have 4 topics on the exact same subject now).