Download Location of apk's

After downloading packages I can not find the apk’s. In Fdroid, I can download and install them so they are somewhere. But, where?

States that there is a ‘cache’ folder. However, the only Fdroid location is “/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/files/” and it is empty. I did create a cache directory next to and within it but they remain empty.

Doesn’t even answer the OP’s question.

Is there another post which does?
What am I missing?

try in /data/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/… but you need root access

Why do you care about the APKs?

That directory does not need root permissions. The file manager won’t let me into any directories which need root permissions. I do have free and oprn access to “/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/files/”.

Your phone must be different than mine.

Please read what I’ve written and what you have written, it’s different.


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The APKs are stored in FDroids private storage, and as @Licaon_Kter wrote, you will need root to access them directly. You could however simply download the APKs from the FDroid website directly if you really need the APK file.

@ Everyone: Nothing in “/storage/emulated/0/Android/” requires root. Everything in their is user data or user app data. I have full and unrestricted access to the entirety of that directory, including files.

“…/data/data/…” is not a direcroy. “…/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/…” is.

Please read carefully, when we say /data/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/

we don’t mean /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/

/data and /storage (in this case) are on the same level of folders.

First one is accessible only with root (or by the app itself), the other is user accessible (no root required)

Then the F-Droid app is not what I want.

Uninstalling and closing account.

And, I was never on a Win (or Mac) computer.

What do you want exactly?

What do you mean by Windows and Mac? There’s nothing about them here…

Are we lost in translation?

It’s okay; I’m done. I know how to get what I want not the way I want it. Without the app I don’t have a place in the forum. As, there are a multitude of sites to download from. I would prefer an app, but oh well.

Someone used a Windows computer for this account.

And, there’s no ‘delete’ option.

I think, it’s going ooh la la here.
The files are stored in: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/cache
Also called Internal Folder/Android/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/cache

It does not require root permission at all.

@ vdbhb59: I created the “/cache/apk/” directory myself in “/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/”. To date, no files have shown up there. Today I tried one more time with a fresh install and still had to create those folders by hand with the download going - where?

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