Download folder of apk files

Where do f-droid save the downloaded apk files? I have searched in /sdcard/Android/data/org.fdroid…/files but its empty.

/sdcard/Android/data/org.fdroid…/cache/repo wise…

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There is only the subfolder ‘files’ nothing more.

Why do you need the APKs?

IIRC, they stay in /data/data/org.fdroid.fdroid/… and you can’t get them without root access.

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Duplicate of Download folder of apk files

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It is most appropriate to provide a options in settings to save apks files on external storage under.

What’s the usecase for external?

1. Manual control over APKs file. User will directly access the apks from File manager.
If APKs are stored on external storage, User can access these apks for later use.

  • Ex. I have set “Keep Cached App” to “forever” to save offline apks. For some apps i would like to cached but for some i didn’t want. With some desirable APKs some unnecessary APKs are also stored. Owing to this installation size of Fdroid app is more than 1.2GB. If APKs are stored on external storage then i would manually delete the unnecessary APKs.

  • Ex. if this post creator had access to that apk file for later use then it would have saved his precious time and energy( Finding An Old PHP App)

2. Easier to Send apk to other devices(which doesn’t have internet connection and doesn’t have f-droid client, PC )

3. Apks will be separated from app data ()

And didn’t see the advantage of saving Apks in private directory except confining user like as “Play Store Trash”

BTW AuroraDroid Stored Apks in external storage.

Ref: Earlier posts:

Download it from website on device with internet, then transfer it.

Carry on, explain the advantage? Space? Why are you hoarding APKs in the first place?

What has that got to do with anything?

You uninstall and reinstall every 4 days?

Desirable APKs? Really? Name one APK that is? (do say its whole name as appid_versionCode.apk please)

Each with their fetish I guess.


That being said, why bother with the client, get Termux and wget and just mirror on your SDcard, easy.

why user download it for two times, one time on client and other times on another devices!

less backup size

Random Apps try.

if i could see the apk on my non-rooted device then i will named these apps as ( :wink: ), now i will name these app as aurora store, and a shit like F-droid Client :smile:

If everyone do this then what will be purpose of client (why user have client?? website is more than sufficient !!).

File manager shows actual app name along with icon (i think you never tried one :smiley_cat: )

it not about individual choice but it is about app feature. I know, fdroid community lack of maintainer for client, if you are okay with this feature then i will work for this in future.

MRs welcomed I guess :slight_smile:

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@ shubhantyagi: Thanks for trying.

I started one of those duplicate posts. My impression of this conversation is ‘uninstall f-droid’. We have to watch out for those like Licaon_Kter. If we study how the conversation flowed then we will learn how to not take the bait.

That’s sad to hear. :frowning:

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