Can't find downloaded APK's

Sometimes I need to download an app to my phone then send it to a tablet with no internet but I cannot find the downloaded apk’s in my downloads, where do they go?

How do you send apk-s from one device to an other?

On my android devices sending “apk-files” via bluetooh are blocked by android.

My workaround: rename file “myApp.apk” to “myApp.apk.txt”, send it via bluetooh and on the receiving android rename it back to “myApp.apk”

My Android phone doesn’t have that restriction, it is probably vendor specific like a lot of other things.
I send apps to my tablet by bluetooth except something changed at f-droid, I’m sure my downloaded apk files used to be in my download folder but now it seems to hide them someplace I cant locate them.
Can we have an option to set download location in f-droid please?
Or at least send them to the regular downloads folder?

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