App's unattended installation

Is there any way for my F-Droid and AuroraStore app’s to update without me having to do anything?

If you have a root-ed phone, you can use F-Droid Privileged Extension and Aurora Services to do that.

I have a rooted phone, F-Droid Privileged Extension and Aurora Services, but I need a manual update to do that

I don’t know for Aurora, but in F-Droid there’s an option to enable the privExt. Can you look if that’s checked? Also, there’s a setting whether apps should be automatically updated at all. Last but not least, the current F-Droid version (including the current latest alpha but excluding the latest nightlies) don’t update automatically in background on Android 8 and up.

I have installed F-Droid in version 1.7.1 with all settings marked so I could install in the background with the Extension with system permissions (I also flashed this), …
However I always have to update the repositories manually…

Have a look here : Should F-Droid client and Privileged Extension OTA be flashed at the same time? or here : Privileged extension step-by-step procedure?.
Hope that helps…

So you’re on Android 8 or higher. That’s exactly what I was referring to: it’s a known issue and should be fixed with the next release IIRC (currently, I’ve been told it’s fixed in the nightlies – I haven’t checked that so far, no time).

Root isn’t needed. Just flash the extension.

No, I use a ROM equivalent to Android 7.1 Nougat.

That’s strange then. Works fine on my Android 7.1 device. It’s just Oreo and up having that issue here. You sure your settings permit? See the two sliders in options. If they are both set to the far-left, no auto-updates would take place by definition. Allow it for either WiFi or mobile data, else it cannot pull unless you pull manually.

Check your app’s permissions in your device and specially if Fdroid is not in sleep mode.

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