Privileged extension step-by-step procedure?


I installed Privileged Extension OTA with flashing it from TWRP recovery. But I’m not sure it works. How can I check this ?

My phone has LineageOS 14.1 installed with su addon.

Privileged extension OTA installation instructions are not really clear to me.

Must some settings be done after install ?


That is what I want to know too. I installed the OTA zip file, but that doesn’t changed anything. If I install the privileged extension I get an error that I didn’t give it permissions.
But in Magisk (this is my root) it is not registered or it doesn’t ask for permissions. Not clear to me how to handle that.

Once correctly installed, you should see in f-droid an option like “Automatically install updates”. And as a result get notifications about f-droid apps updates such as below (ie no more manual update required)…


If you don’t get this, something went wrong ! You may read my comment here :

Hope that helps.

Thanks for answering.

Well, I added the other privileged extension, and I see the option “Automatically install updates”

Does this mean both privileged extensions have to be installed ?

No, as soon as your apps are automatically updated, you can consider it was the good one ! :wink:
It is unclear to me which is the one to be installed… as I mentioned in the" other post, when flashing mine I did not have to install f-droid app, that may be the difference.
But the point is to have f-droid apps auto updated… That’s all.

Not sure I understand it right - so this OTA isn’t working with Android Q (LOS17) - at least not with all?
There is no change for me if I install that.

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I have no idea about LOS17, not yet installed on my phone, too early product for me. I also don’t use Magisk, no idea what to do for that case.
But I read that Lineage does not provide anymore the root addon package with LOS17.1 (“As a byproduct of this, our usual provided AddonSU zip to enable root access for the user is no longer feasible.”).
The only thing I can tell you is that if you flash this org.fdroid.fdroid.ota_1001050,

  1. it should install F-Droid app (make sure it was not already installed before !).
  2. And then installed f-droid apps will automatically update when needed.
    As a result, IMO, if that does not work anymore, it could be a root issue and you may check with Magisk support guys.
    Let us know your findings.
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As for me I stop trials and have to give a warning.
In my TabA LOS16 device I run into a bootloop after appling OTA. I have to reinstall system ?!?
In A3 2017 LOS17 it doesn’t affect anything.

True, because F-Droid doesn’t need root, but the extension, installed as system does the work.

I recommend the Magisk modules as they work ok in my testing, flashing the ZIP should too but I saw many complains with that.

Not sure I understand.
I guess this extension doesn’t need to get root permissions from Magisk as it becomes a system-root-app by itself? But what do you mean with Magisk Module? Is there a FDroid Magisk module?
I think it is advised to give a warning in the FDroid description section for the moment. Unfortunately I am not experienced enough to describe/find the problem by myself.


Yes there is, provided by a 3rd party, but you could check the APK hash to verify

Yes it’s good to post about issues about the ZIP too.

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