Apps can not pick icons after adding them to my custom repo

Hello there!

I have added apps to my customized repo. Some of them have icons and I can see them in /repo/icons. I want to be able to add icons for apps that could not pick it or have an idea of how I can have the icons.

I will appreciate your guidance.

Did you read RepoMaker does not upload files yet??

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Thanks for pointing that @Licaon_Kter
Found that I have an old version of fdroid and I had I just updated it to version 2.1. And, when I create a fresh new directory, I am able to have config.yml.

Is there a way I can update an existing directory to the new fdroid file structure?

@Izzy maybe this is your expertise ^^^ :slight_smile:

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@Licaon_Kter @Izzy I have added the icon as /metadata//en-US/icon.png and in /repo//en-US/icon.png the run fdroid update -c and fdroid upload but still, on the app, I can not see the icon.
Is there something I am doing wrong?

repo/<packageName>/en-US/icon.png should be the correct place. After running fdroid update then you should see the icon (and featureGraphic if any) duplicated in the same directory with a name containing a “hash” – by which you can tell that fdroidserver picked them up. That’s how I do it with my repo. Also, screenshots (JPG/PNG) would go to repo/<packageName>/en-US/phoneScreenshots/.

(I prefer to directly place them into repo/ as they’d end up there anyway and I don’t want to duplicate them from metadata/. If you are versioning your metadata, YMMV. You should then check with our reference here).


@Izzy thanks for the advice. I can see the icon and another image with a hash in the name. However, with fdroid update, I am getting this “CRITICAL: Failed to sign repo/entry.jar: Unsupported option: --v4-signing-enabled. See --help for supported options.” and in the index.xml file, the icon is not added. Anything I should try?

With that I must pass. But entry.jar sounds like an index-v2 thing (index-v2 is just being implemented and not yet “released”, so it seems you are using fdroidserver from git master) – and --v4-signing-enabled could point to an older apksigner not yet supporting that. Just guesses, though – I’m not deep enough into those details.

Hello @Izzy
I got it to work by uninstalling and reinstalling fdroidserver. Thanks again for your help. Icons and update, upload works pretty good.

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Glad to read all is working now – and thanks for letting us know! Enjoy :smiley:

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