Custom app icons for repo

Trying to get my own app icons working for the apps in my F-Droid repository. Followed the structure as suggested here, but to no avail. Running fdroid update doesn’t seem to do create the new icons:

After running fdroid update then you should see the icon (and featureGraphic if any) duplicated in the same directory with a name containing a “hash” – by which you can tell that fdroidserver picked them up

Here is my current structure:

Couldn’t find anything about app icons in general on the wiki besides the one loose sentence here: " Running fdroid update adds an icons directory into the repo directory…".

Appreciate any help :smiley:

Which folder is that metadata/ ?

That’d be ./repo/icons. Same folder as where I found the auto-generated icon files. ./metadata just contains the YAML file for each app. (could I maybe set the icon path in there?)

Shouldn’t you be storing all of that in /repo/package_id/locale/icon.png

Thanks, hadn’t seen that yet. Simply moving all <package_id> folders up to /repo seems to work, just like you suggested. Thanks for the help, appreciate it!